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To eliminate the deformation by the internal stress which is created by the roll forming press. A straightener is generated. Usually, wide building sheets remain straight after roll forming. but most narrow steel profiles and especially asymmetrically roll formed steel profile will required a straightener.

roll forming machine factory

Steel Roll Forming Machine

Steel Roll Forming Machine Line, to forming steel coils/strips along straight, longitudinal, parallel bend lines with multiple pairs of contoured rollers without changing the thickness of the material at room temperature.

Roll Forming machine is a flexible and continuous process, where both the normal rules and the exceptions utilized. It have been proven several times that the roll forming machine accomplish roll forming tasks which even seemingly impossible. Although it may take a longer time and much more money. On the other hand, it also showed that plans to roll form simple shapes can create disastrous results. If the designer don’t follow the basic rules of roll forming.

roll forming transmission

Roll Fomring Machine Transmission

Roll Forming Transmission are usually powered by electric motors. In only few cases, roll forming mill are driven by hydraulic motor. Most hydraulic motors powered by hydraulic station by electric motors. And at some remote job site, the truck-mounted (Portable) roll forming machine is driven by diesel engine.

roll forming stand

Roll Forming Stand

In most cases, the drive-side stands are exposed to considerable forces and bending moments. The operator-side (outboard) stands are exposed to lesser forces. They usually support the shafts through bearings and bearing blocks. As a result, there are no forces acting on the roll forming stand in the axial direction of the shaft. The vertical forces are contained by the vertical legs of the stands.