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Roofing Terminology

    The introductions of Roofing Terminology A Adhere: to stick a roof system by means of a construction compound or substance. Adhesion: the process of sticking to a surface or object Aggregate: many elements of earth used to improve a roofing systems stability. Often used in built up roof systems as gravel. Alligatoring: a pattern of cracking on a bitumen… Read More »Roofing Terminology

    The benefits of roll forming over press brake

      Believe Industry’s experience helps customers make important decisions justifying the migration to outsource roll forming and brake forming. But of course Press braking will always have its place in the forming of metal products. However, if customer need high volume production, more complex profiles, or more cost-effective processing options. Customized Profile ROll forming machine becomes… Read More »The benefits of roll forming over press brake

      cropped Pre Cut And Post Cut .

      Pre-Cut And Post-Cut Difference

        Pre-Cut And Post-Cut Difference Here we will talk about the differences between Pre-Cut And Post-Cut operations. Pre-Cut Pros Reduce the cost of cut-off dies and their maintenance. No buff on the ends. Ability to hand-feed strips or sheets for low-volume production. In roofing and wall panel products, pre-cut avoids cut-off distortion because running different gauges… Read More »Pre-Cut And Post-Cut Difference

        stainless slitting line

        Maintaining A Stainless Slitting Line

          Stainless slitting line is high-performance machines that run at speeds up to 150 meter per minute. For these reasons, coil process equipment must be sure all line elements are properly maintained, which represents a titanic effort if they don’t understand what components are critical. A typical slitting line has the following components: Coil storage Coil car Uncoiler Peeler… Read More »Maintaining A Stainless Slitting Line

          The Difference Of HR Steel and CR Steel

            Users often ask us about the differences between HR Steel and CR Steel. There are some fundamental differences between these two types of metal. The differences between HR steel and CR steel relates to the way these metals are processed at the mill, and not the product specification or grade. HR steel involves rolling the steel at high temperatures,… Read More »The Difference Of HR Steel and CR Steel

            material influence roll forming machine design

            Raw Material Influence Roll Forming Machine Design

              Materials are selected to suit the specified product requirements at the possible lowest price. However, the mechanical properties, surface, deviation from thickness, width, straightness, and flatness of the raw material influence roll forming machine design. Mechanical Properties During roll forming process, the strain (elongation) of the outside fiber of the strip must remain below the… Read More »Raw Material Influence Roll Forming Machine Design

              roll forming machine design

              Roll Forming Machine Design

                As we know that, During roll forming, a flat strip is gradually formed to the finished sections, The forming is almost exclusively accomplished groups of rollers while the material go through the roll forming mill.  This article will be talking about how roll forming machine design and the process. Roller Design Process Affect Roll Forming… Read More »Roll Forming Machine Design

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