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Believe Industry specializes in research and development of various cold rolling mills and roll forming lines. We has been engaged in metal roll forming machine designing and manufacturing since 2001 and we started our first foreign business in 2006. Believe Industry provides our customers with one-stop roll forming service including development & design, manufacturing & installation, testing & training.

Roll Former

Roll Forming Machine, to forming steel coils/strips along straight, longitudinal, parallel bend lines with multiple pairs of contoured rollers without changing the thickness of the material.

Coil Process Equipment

Coil Processing Equipments, Specializing in strip and flat rolled steel process equipmentcoil and sheet handling equipment, and slitter tooling and shear blades,

Hanging Gutter Roll Former 

Hydroponic Hanging Gutter Roll Former is designed to manufacture suspended gutters for hydroponic growing with recirculation in the farm and customizable to the measure of each farm in length


upright rack roll forming machine

Upright Racking Roll Forming Machine

Upright Rack Roll Forming Machine is for producing Upright Racks for Warehouse Pallet Rack System. The sizes and thicknesses is adjustable and customized.

Intergrated Box Beam Machine

New design integrated box beam machine is designed to produce box beams and no need an extra box beam seaming machine. It wills save material and labor cost.

new design box beam machine
Hydroponic Hanging Gutters Roll Forming Machine

Hanging Gutter Roll Former

Our new design hanging gutter roll forming machine is especially suitable for large greenhouses that require hydroponic growing systems. It stands out for an in situ installation in one piece, without joints or intermediate connections.


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