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change mills

Duplex Mills

BELI® also have another roll forming mills, Duplex Mill. which is widely used in Steel Profile Roll Forming Machine. Steel Door Panel Roll Forming Machine, Panel Roll Forming Machine, Sandwich Panel production Line. Cable Tray Roll Forming Machine,  C Purlin Roll Forming Machine, U Purlin Roll Forming Machine, C and Z Purlin Roll Forming Machine, etc. Read More »Duplex Mills

coil slitting line

China Slitting Line

Brief Introduction of China Slitting Line

BELI® is one of China Steel Coil Slitting Line Manufacturer in Shanghai. And the line is a compete line for uncoiling, leveling, slitting, rewinding the big coils/rolls into narrow/specific width rolls or coils.  And the line widespread use  in automobile, electrician, electric power (silicon steel sheet), home appliances and many other industries. The line main include: Uncoiler, Leveler, Slitter, Tensioner, Rewinder, etc.Read More »China Slitting Line

Sheets of cut to length line

Cut To Length Line

Believe Industry Cut to Length Line(CTL Line) incorporate latest control technology ensuring the highest level of consistency to meet the demands of today’s work place.  we also have another coil process equipment, like slitting line, blank lines.

BELI®  lines are custom designed to specific individual needs, whether processing thin gauge surface sensitive aluminium alloys or hot rolled high tensile steel, Believe Industry  has the solution.Read More »Cut To Length Line