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heavy duty upright rack roll forming machine

Heavy Duty Upright Rack Roll Forming Machine is ready to shipment.

    After 3 months of the production, The Heavy Duty Upright Rack Roll Forming Machine is ready to shipment. Brief Introduction of the Upright Rack Machine Types: 100-100/125/150 Thickness: 1.5-3.0 mm Line Speed: 15-20 m/min Punch Press Capacity: 110 Ton Total Power: 55 KW Transmission Type: Gear Box and Universal Joint Upright Racking Machine Components 5… Read More »Heavy Duty Upright Rack Roll Forming Machine is ready to shipment.

    Racking Shelving

    Racking & Shelving

      Believe Industry Company provides solutions to the Supermarket Shelving and Heavy Racking Industry. We produce a series of roll forming lines that optimize production for below products: Upright Rack Step, Box, Seamed Beams Shelving panels Supermarket Display Shelve Panel Beam Welding Machine All our machine products can fit different pallet racking storage solution as below:… Read More »Racking & Shelving

      metal building product 1

      Metal Building Products

        With 20 years of experience, Believe Industry has produced series kinds of roll forming machines for products in the metal building industry. Products include: Roof/Floor Deck Roof and Wall Panel Composite Deck Angle and Channel Purlin Stud and Track

        automotive 1


          Believe Industry have manufactured series kinds of roll forming machines for automotive components for over 10 years. The productes as below: Truck Beds Rockers Bumper Plates Roof Bows Seat Track Door Tracks

          about us

          About Us

            BELIEVE INDUSTRY COMPANY is one professional enterprise supplying one-stop service for Roll Forming Machines and Auxiliary Equipments and coil process equipment(Slitting Line, CTL Line). We have an energetic team experienced in designing & manufacturing, import & export trading, installation & after-sale service. Our factory is located next to Shanghai in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province.  Roll Forming Machine C/Z/U… Read More »About Us

            Why Servo Motor?

              A servo motor is a better option for any application, like punch patterns, different dies, where positioning is key. A servo motor also provides feedback, letting the operator know when proper positioning has been achieved. Advantage of A Servo Motor Permanent Magnet Smaller size than an induction motor Able to maintain full torque at low… Read More »Why Servo Motor?

              Roofing Terminology

                The introductions of Roofing Terminology A Adhere: to stick a roof system by means of a construction compound or substance. Adhesion: the process of sticking to a surface or object Aggregate: many elements of earth used to improve a roofing systems stability. Often used in built up roof systems as gravel. Alligatoring: a pattern of cracking on a bitumen… Read More »Roofing Terminology

                The benefits of roll forming over press brake

                  Believe Industry’s experience helps customers make important decisions justifying the migration to outsource roll forming and brake forming. But of course Press braking will always have its place in the forming of metal products. However, if customer need high volume production, more complex profiles, or more cost-effective processing options. Customized Profile ROll forming machine becomes… Read More »The benefits of roll forming over press brake

                  cropped Pre Cut And Post Cut .

                  Pre-Cut And Post-Cut Difference

                    Pre-Cut And Post-Cut Difference Here we will talk about the differences between Pre-Cut And Post-Cut operations. Pre-Cut Pros Reduce the cost of cut-off dies and their maintenance. No buff on the ends. Ability to hand-feed strips or sheets for low-volume production. In roofing and wall panel products, pre-cut avoids cut-off distortion because running different gauges… Read More »Pre-Cut And Post-Cut Difference

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