What’s Double Layer Machine

Double Layer Roll Forming Machine has alternating  bottom and upper stands. Rolls for one profile( like ibr sheeting ) are installed in the bottom stands, and rolls for another profile(like corrugated sheeting )are mounted on the upper stands. The whole line will use only one uncoiler, one cutoff unit, one controlled box.  But the  double layer machine can’t produce the 2 profiles at the same time. Cause the upper cut die is up for cut the upper sheets and down for the bottom sheet.

Advantage and Disadvantage

Advantage: Save plant spacer, Quick changeover, Reduce the budget.

Disadvantage: Production Capacity is half lower than 2 machines separately, a bit difficult make the adjustment because of crowed condition

Double Layer Roll Forming Machine Components

  1. Uncoiler( Manual or Automatic)
  2. 2 Roll Forming Mills(stands) with own guiding device
  3. Cutting Device, 2 couples of blade assembled in one device to suit the 2 profiles
  4. Controlled Box, 2 pieces of Encoder for both mills
  5. Hydraulic Station
  6. Collection Table, the height is adjustable to suit to product exit height.

Brief Specifications

  1. Uncoiler Capacity:  5 Ton( Option: 10 Ton)
  2. Material Width: 500-1500mm, subjected to the profile design
  3. Material Thickness: 0.18-0.8, subjected to profile design
  4. Line Speed: 12-15m/min( High speed is a option)
  5. Motor Power: 5.5KW As usual
  6. Machine structure: Siding Plate, Chromed Stands, Iron Cast cassette
  7. Material of Blade: CR12
  8. Hydraulic Power; 4KW as usual
  9. PLC: Siemens or Panasonic
  10. Encoder: Omron
  11. Inverter: Yaskawa
  12. Touch Screen: MCGS or Siemens
  13. Controlled box adopt Aviation plug  for easy connection the wires
  14. Voltage: 380V, 50HZ or customized


  • Q:  What possibility i can use a double layer roll forming machine?
    A:  The similar coil width, forming steps, rib height is not too big.
  • Q: How many money can save to choose a double layer machine?
    A: Actually, the machine can not save much more money, the two mill only commonly use A uncoiler, A Bed, A controlled Box, A hydraulic Station. normal design only 5000$, while production capacity is half down. and if not the plant area is limited, we don’t recommend customer buy a double layer roll forming machine

All in all, we don’t recommend the factory to buy  double layer machines to produce the trapezoidal sheets or tiles.

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