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C and Z Purlin Machine


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C and Z Purlin  Machine can produce all the c and z purlins as desired sizes. The operator can adjust the size depend on the PLC control system. Just need input the size data ion the touch screen, the machine will automatically adjust the sizes.

Machine Components and Technical Parameters

5 Ton Hydraulic Uncoiler

  1. Main motor power: 4kw
  2. Material of shaft: S45C steel
  3. ransmission drive: 1.2 inch chains
  4. Diameter of shaft:¢130mm
  5. Hydraulic motor: 3kw
  6. Type of hydraulic pump: CB-E310, diameter of pump is 110mm. pump capacity: 16L/min pressure: 10Mpa.
  7. distance of the oil-container: 120mm
  8. Pressure: 10Mpa
  9. Inner-diameter: 450-550mm
  10. Max.diameter:1400mm
  11. Dimensions: 1800mm*1200mm*1000mm
  12. Weight: 4 Tons
  13. Capability: 6tons
  14. de-coiler with 4 leaf and block
  15. de-coiler have arm to control speed
  16. coil car: 3KW
  17. coil car can loading 5Tons coil

C and Z Purlin Machine Mill

  1. Coil width: depend on profile
  2. working speed: 12m—15m/min (not contain cutting)
  3. roll station:
    1. Feeding   2 stations(manual feeding)
    2. Leveling    7 rollers (up is 3 rollers, down is 4 rollers)
    3. Main roll station    20 stations
    4. Rectification  1 station(for make the product more straight)
  4. material of roller: Gcr15, polished and coated with chrome HRC58-62°
  5. material of main shaft:45﹟forge steel   diameter roller: Ф85mm
  6. main power: 15kw
  7. forming thickness: 1.5mm—3.0mm
  8. Transmission: by 1.2 inch double chain
  9. Size of machine: about 12000×1400×1000mm
  10. weight: about 14000Kg
  11. color of machine: blue
  12. Cutting:
    1. Machine adopt hydraulic pre-cutting
    2. Cutting after forming: Cut the sheet before roll forming to required length
    3. Cutting motion: The main machine automatically stops and the cutting will take place. After the cutting, the main machine will automatically start.
    4. Material of blade: CR12with heat treatment
    5. Length measuring: Automatic length measuring
    6. Tolerance of length: 3M +/- 1.5mm
  13.  punching
    1. this quotation is include one punching depend on our standard quotation
    2. punching mould: adopt CR12with heat treatment
    3. punching distance is adjustable by PLC control system
    4. oil pump diameter: 120mm
    5. distance—50mm
    6. rating pressure—-20MP
    7. punching size: round punching diameter is 12mm
    8. punching drawing as following drawing
  14. adjust size or thickness part should be have rule in the machine for easy to check

Controlled Panel&Box

  1. Voltage, Frequency, Phase: 380 V, 50 Hz, 3Phase
  2. Automatic length measurement:
  3. Automatic quantity measurement
  4. Computer used to control length & quantity. Machine will automatically cut to length and stop when required quantity is achieved
  5. Length inaccuracy can be amended easily.
  6. Control panel: Button-type switch and touch screen
  7. Unit of length: millimeter (switched on the control panel)
  8. Language: Chinese and English
  9. The c and z purlin machine wiring connection adopt aviation plug for easy installation.

For more details, you can check: C and Z Purlin Roll Forming Machine, or contact us directly. Believe Industry Company have a full range of roll forming machine for c and z purlins. And all our machines are customized as per requirements.







Weight 10500 kg
Dimensions 11000 × 1500 × 1500 mm

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