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Slotted Strut Channel Roll Forming Machine


Believe Industry Company have different solution of roll forming machines for soltted strut channel:

  1. Economic solution: Speed is 10 FPM
  2. Post hydraulic punching and cutting, speed is 40 FPM
  3. Punch Press pre punching: 80 SPM

Slotted Strut Channel Roll Forming Machine is for producing struct channels with inline holes punched. And mainly consist of :

No. Item Quantity
1. 3 Ton Uncoiler and Leveler with coil car 1 Unit
2. Servo Feeder and Punch Press 1 Set
3. Accumulator 1 set
4. Roll Forming n Feeding Guide 1 set
n Roll Forming
n lubrication system
n Straightening
n Servo Tracking Hydraulic Cutting
5. Electric Control System 2 Unit
6. Hydraulic System 1 unit
7. Auto Stacker 1 set


Slotted Strut Channel Roll Forming Machine Layout

Soltted strut channel roll forming machine layout








Uncoiling and Leveling– Servo Feeding and Punching– Accumulating–Roll Forming– Cutting– Auto Stacking


Profile Drawing and Material

Strut channel, often referred to colloquially by one of several manufacturer trade names, is a standardized formed structural system used in the construction and electrical industries for light structural support,

and often for supporting wiring, plumbing, or mechanical components such as air conditioning or ventilation systems.
















  1. 12- 14 gauge( 2.0-2.75 mm), Grade 33 galvanized and cold roll.
  2. Weight: Max 6000 lbs
  3. Coil Inner Diameter: 20 “
  4. Coil Out Diameter: Max 60”

Slotted Strut Channel Roll Forming Machine Technical Specifications

3 Ton Uncoiler and Leveler with coil car

Description Specifications
1. Hydraulic expansion, Passive uncoiling

2. Mounted with press arm to avoid the coil over-uncoiling

3. Mounted with limit sensor to avoid over uncoiling

4. Mounted with coil car for easy change coil

Coil Width Max 12”
Coil Thickness 12-14 gauge
Coil Weight Max 6000 lbs
Coil Inner Diameter 20”
Coil Outer Diameter 60”
Hydraulic motor power 1.5 KW
Leveling Motor Power 3 KW
Leveling device design 2 pinch rolls, 7 leveling rolls
Leveling roller diameter 2”
Leveling roller material 40 CR
Hydraulic Value Brand Beijing Huade
Inverter Yaskawa
Limit Sensor Omron
Coil Car Capacity 6,000 lbs
Coil Car Moving Distance 80 ”
Coil Car Lift Distance 15”
Coil Car Moving Motor Power 2.2 KW


Servo Feeder 110 Ton High Precision Punch Press

Description Specifications
n Servo Feeder: servo motor driven, for feeding material into punching press.

n Multistage Type Feeding: can input various groups of different feeding lengths.

n Equipped 110 Ton high precision and high speed punch press

n Punch press adopts the combined type air operated friction clutch.

n Punching moulds are customized according to specific drawings

n All the electric components are approved with UL certification.

Between the press and roll forming, add an accumulator to storage coil

Servo Feeder Type NC-300
Coil width Max 16”
Power For Feeding 3 KW Yaskawa Motor
Feeding Speed Max 90 FPM
PLC Brand Siemens PLC
Touch Screen Brand Siemens Touch Screen
Punch Press Type APA-110
Punching Molds Material SKH51 (Equivalent to AISI M2), quenched HRC58-62
Dies Quantity 1 set
Accumulator 2500 mm height, 3000 mm long and 500 mm wider

punch press

 Soltted Strut Channel Roll Forming Machine Part

Description Specifications
1. H beam welded as the machine base, Milled steel plate on the top surface,

2. Iron Cast Roll Forming Stands fixed on the top surface with position key to be high precised.

3. Gear Box transmission

4. The operation side of the machine can be adjustable for different width of strut . Controlled by PLC.

5. All the bearings are NSK Ball Bearings

6. Automatic adjustment for different leg height of strut channel

7. Side rolls will be assembled between roll forming stands to form the edge radius

8. Between roll forming station, there has several pairs of guide rollers to ensure the coil

move straight

9. Servo hydraulic cutting saw to enlarge the line speed. Manual replace cutting blade for different dimensions strut channel

10. Mounted with lubrication system

11. Mounted with straightening device to ensure the output strut channel be straight

12. All the electric components are approved with UL certification.

Roller Station 22 forming stations with several side rolls
Shaft Material 40CR ( equivalent to AISI 4140), 80 mm diameter for different mills
Roller Material CR 12 MO ( equivalent to AISI D2), (HRC 58-62)
Power For Roll Forming 18.5 KW x 2
Adjust Width motor power 2.2 KW x 2
Top roller adjust motor power 0.5 KW servo motor x 4
Line speed Max 90 SPM
Driven Method Gear Box Transmission
Bearing Brand NSK
Servo tracking motor power for cutting 4 KW Yaskawa motor
Hydraulic Cutting Power 5.5 KW
Cutting Blade Material AISI D2
Straightening Device Equipped with straightening device to ensure the products be straight.


 Strut Channel Roll Former Control Cabinet

Description Specifications
1. Users input the length, quantity and holes location through touch screen, the touch screen will show the working status of the machine.

2. And the machine will automatically start to work and stop after the completion of the program.

3. All electric components are adopting UL certificate approved brand.

4. The operator is able to set the desired leg height of the strut on the touch screen and

then the machine will adjust automatically.

Voltage and Frequency 480 V, 50 HZ, 3 Phase
Touch Screen Siemens
Control System Siemens
Encoder Koyo
Frequency Inverter Brand Yaskawa
Adopt aviation plug for easy connect the wiring.
controlled panel

 Hydraulic Station

Description Specifications
1. Supply power forcutting
Quantity  1 set
Hydraulic Power 5.5 KW
Working Pressure 12-16Mpa
Hydraulic oil 46# hydraulic oil
simple slitting line hydraulic station

 Auto Stacker

Description Specifications
Conveyer: Move the strut channel from the roll former after cutting, driven by motor, the total length can be customized by the workshop length or product length. Width is 350 mm, height is from 700-850 mm, adjustable. The end of the convey have a position plate to make sure the stacking is aligned.

Overturn Rack: Controlled by PLC to overturn the strut channel or not sequentially, mounted with blocks refer to the profile to make sure the overturn process be stable.

Stacker: Controlled by PLC to stack the strut channels one by one, all the motors are servo motors, high speed, high precision position.

Move-out car: Move-out the stacked strut channels to package area. Equipped with 2 cars for quick production, for example, move first car to the package area, the stacker will stake strut channel to the second car, once the second car stacking finished, the first car will be back to stacking area.

HIM Controller: Adopting PLC system, Touch Screen operation, Select on the touch screen when changing production specifications. Adjust the shape of the pile at will on the touch evaluation, speed regulation.

Total Power 11.6KW(AC)
Servo Motor Yaskawa
Reducer Taiwan Faston
PLC Siemens
Electric Components Schneider
Sensor Schneider
Touch Screen Weinview
Stacking Speed 240 pc per hour
Max Stacking Width 1000MM
Max Staking Height 900MM
Stacker move Motor 3 KW
Stacker up and down motor 2 KW
Conveyer Motor Power 1.5 KW
Move-out Car Power 1.5 KW
Air suppler required 0.55-0.8 Mpa
Dimension 13500mmx4000mmx3800mm
Convey Rack Dimension 3500mmx700mmx700mm

Soltted Strut Channel Roll Forming Machine auto stacker


Believe Industry Company have a different solution for roll forming machines for strut channels, contact us now for more info.

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