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Roll Forming Machine Parts

roll forming stand

Roll Forming Stand

    In most cases, the drive-side stands are exposed to considerable forces and bending moments. The operator-side (outboard) stands are exposed to lesser forces. They usually support the shafts through bearings and bearing blocks. As a result, there are no forces acting on the roll forming stand in the axial direction of the shaft. The vertical forces are contained by the vertical legs of the stands.

    Mill base

    Roll Forming Machine Mill Base

      Mill Base Most Important Requirements for Mill Base The mill base, sometimes called “ bed ”  supports the stands, shafts, rolls, drive train, and the components needed to form the sections. The most important requirements for the base are:  Rigidity during operation, transportation, and installation  Smooth, leveled top surface for installation of the components  A… Read More »Roll Forming Machine Mill Base

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