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Roll Forming Stand

    Roll Forming Stand

    Drive Side and operator Side Stand

    In most cases, the drive-side stands are exposed to considerable forces and bending moments. The operator-side (outboard) stands are exposed to lesser forces. They usually support the shafts through bearings and bearing blocks. As a result, there are no forces acting on the roll forming stand in the axial direction of the shaft. The vertical forces are contained by the vertical legs of the stands.

    Shaft Bending influence the product quality

    Both side stands have to be sturdy enough to withstand the shafts separating forces. These forces are
    occasionally multiplied by incorrect setup (too much pressure applied by the operator) or mishaps such
    as double or triple strip thickness, or foreign materials forced through the rolls. While Large forces will bend the shafts increase the shaft deflection (the shaft’s center-to-center distance at the middle of the shaft). Excessive shaft bending will change the cross-section of the product, especially in the case of long roll spaces (shaft lengths). Excessively high forces can bend the shafts permanently. Permanently bent shafts will change the product dimensions at every revolution of the shafts.

    The Solution to Avoid Shaft Bending

    The simplest solution to avoid shaft bending is to use an elastic top shaft (bearing block) hold down mechanism such as preloaded springs, or pneumatic or hydraulic cylinders. Most roll forming mills made in China now have the bottom shafts in a fixed position above the mill bed. The top shafts can be adjusted up and down with screws. to allow easy and accurate adjustability of the top shaft, the lifting/pushing screws above the bearing blocks, and their attachments to the bearing blocks and to the cross bars, must be free to move The bearing blocks should move freely up and down, but the gap should be sufficiently small, especially at the drive side, that when the operator-side stands are removed, the end of the shafts cannot be moved up or down by hand.

    roll forming stands introduction

    Roll Forming Stand is a group of the main part of roll forming, to support the shafts, rollers, etc. which is fixed on the mill base

    The approximate position of the upper shafts is shown on a vertical scale fastened to the side of the stand . A more accurate up and down adjustment can be observed on the micrometer scale attached to the adjusting screws. The micrometer scales at both the drive and the operator side shall show the same number when the shafts are exactly parallel. And High strong roll forming stand is also a best solution for product quality.




    Believe Industry Company have different design of Roll Forming Stand which have a different method to fix with the Mill Base. So the roll forming machine design is quite different.  Contact us for more details.


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