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roll design

Roll Forming Mill Influence Roll Design

Rolls design must match the roll forming mill. The roll designer must have all the relevant equipment dimensions and other data which can influence roll design. Otherwise the machine will be very costly.  Types of Mills Influence Roll Design Cantilever Mill  This type of mill limits the formable strip width to about the length of

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material influence roll forming machine design

Raw Material Influence Roll Forming Machine Design

Materials are selected to suit the specified product requirements at the possible lowest price. However, the mechanical properties, surface, deviation from thickness, width, straightness, and flatness of the raw material influence roll forming machine design. Mechanical Properties During roll forming process, the strain (elongation) of the outside fiber of the strip must remain below the

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roll forming machine tolerance

Roll Forming Machine Tolerance

Compared with bending and cutting machine. Roll Forming Machine Tolerance will be a bit big. But considering the speed of the machine, the end users will also prefer the roll forming machine.

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roll forming roller for grooves

Formed or Stretched Grooves Affect Roll Forming Machine Design

Formed or Stretched Grooves Frequently, relatively shallow grooves are design to improve appearance, minimize center waviness or add strength to the product. The grooves can be either formed or stretched into the flat area.   Where to form or sketch the flutes? If the flutes are roll formed, then they require more wider strips. While

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roll forming machine design

Roll Forming Machine Design

As we know that, During roll forming, a flat strip is gradually formed to the finished sections, The forming is almost exclusively accomplished groups of rollers while the material go through the roll forming mill.  This article will be talking about how roll forming machine design and the process. Roller Design Process Affect Roll Forming

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What’s Double Layer Machine?

What Is Double Layer Machine? Just as its name implies, the double layer machine has two layers for producing two different profiles of metal sheet. Think about it, you can produce two profiles of trapezoidal sheet in one machine, or produce trapezoidal sheet and corrugated sheet in one machine, or even produce tile profile sheet

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Roll Forming Machine Components

Roll Forming Machine Components In order to form the sheet metal into the desired profile, the designer muct pay attention to the roll forming machine components surrounding the rolls, and to the rolls themselves. A correct manufacturing, setup and in line adjustment of the machine is key to obtaining final products within the desired tolerances.

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portable roll forming machine

What Is Portable Roll Forming Machine? Advantage and Disadvantage?

What is portable roll forming machine? Portable Roll Forming Machine is a a specific design of roll forming machine which just on a condensed level and takes everything a typical rollformer does. But just pack it into a smaller size so it can be transported easily. The portable roll former is similar but not same

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ceiling channel roll forming machine supplier

Trim Roll Forming Machine

Trim Roll Forming Machine Believe Industry Company’s Trim Roll Forming Machine has the same benchmarks and equipped with: High quality PLC of CNC controls Hand feeder for sheets and automatic feeder for coils Speed can be up to 40m/min Standard and custom profiles avariable Most Common Trim Profiles Believe Industry Company customers can choose between

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Happy Lunar New Year and Believe Industry Reopen Today

We have had a 10 days holiday from Feb 1 to Feb 10 for Chinese New Year. And we are back to work today. Contact us now for more information of Roll Forming Machine and Coil Process Equipment.  

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