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C Channel Roll Forming Machine

C Channel Roll Forming Machine is a continuous line to produce various sizes of C channels as per desired requirements.

M/C of C Channel Roll Forming Machine


5 Ton Manual UnCoil stripser

  1. Coil strips width: 200-500 mm
  2. Coil strips I.D: 480 mm to 560 mm
  3. Max.capacity: 5 Ton
  4. Structure: Steel plate and Beam Welded
  5. Function: Supporting and uncoiling the steel strips and then input into the machine

Feeding And Leveling Used in C Channel Machine

  1. Feeding type: Manual Adjustable
  2. Material Width range:200-600 mm
  3. Feeding and guiding roller diameter: ¢70 mm
  4. Roller material: 45 # Steel With Quenched Treatment HRC 48-52, surface chromed
  5. Leveling roller: Upper 3, underneath 4 (totally 7 rollers)
  6. leveling roller: 45 # Steel With Quenched Treatment HRC 48-52, Chromed
  7. Diameter of leveling shaft: ¢76 mm
  8. Material of leveling shaft: 45# steel hardening and tempering

C Channel Roll Forming Machine Mill

  1. Material thickness: 1.5-3.5 mm
  2. Main motor power:22 KW
  3. Forming speed: 8-20m/min(not include cutting time)
  4. Quantity of stands: 22 stations
  5. Shaft material and diameter: ¢75 mm,45# steel
  6. Material of forming rollers: GCR 15, tempered and chromed 0.05mm thickness
  7. Tolerance: +/-5 mm
  8. Type of drive: 2.0 inch single chain
  9. Total weight: About 10 Tons
  10. The sizes of web and flange can be adjustable

Hydraulic Cutting Device

  1. Cutting type: Hydraulic cutting
  2. Cutting power: 11 KW
  3. Working pressure: 12-16 Mpa
  4. Cutting motion:Roll Forming Part Is Non-stop When Cutting
  5. Material of Cutting Mould:Cr12 Steel With Quenched Treatment HRC 60-62
  6. Cutting Length and Quantity: Clients Set Length and Quantity on the PLC Touch Screen
  7. Tolerance of length: +/-5 mm

C Purlin Machine Hydraulic Station 

  1. Hydraulic power: 11 KW
  2. Working pressure: 12-16 Mpa
  3. Hydraulic oil: 46# hydraulic oil
  4. Color:blue (or depend on per requirement)

Controlled System of C Channel Machine

  1. The worker input the length and quantity of the product through touch screen, total 20 groups, the touch screen will show the working status of the machine.
  2. Adopt Aviation Plug for easy connection
  3. Computer Control System: Panasonic PLC or siemens
  4. Encoder and limit switch: Omron Brand
  5. Frequency Converter: Yaskawa
  6. Touch Screen: MCSG or Siemens
  7. Controlled System Power: Overload Protection
  8. Pressure Of Hydraulic Station: ≧12 Mpa
  9. Current: 380 V Direct Current, 60 Hz, 3 Phase

Believe Industry Company have various types of C Channel Roll Forming Machine for different requirements, for more information, please check more!

Weight 65000 kg
Dimensions 8500 × 1200 × 1300 mm
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