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C/Z Purlin Roll Former


C/Z Purlin Roll Former is for producing C and Z Purlins as desired dimensions. And holes punched is an option.

C/Z Purlin Roll Former

Believe Industry Company’s latest design of c/z purlin roll forming machine is able to produce C 100-350, Z 100-350 purlins. With the thickness can be up to 4.5mm. The changeover time from c to z or z to c is around 2 minutes by manual. It is full automatic to adjust different sizes of c or z purlins by PLC controlled system.

Machine Layout

c/z purlin roll former

The production process is: uncoiling– feeding and guiding– Leveling– Roll Forming– Straightening– Cutting– Collecting

C/Z Purlin Roll Former Machine Components

  1. Single Arm Uncoiler.
  2. Feed and Guider
  3. Leveler
  4. Roll Forming Machine
  5. Punch Device
  6. Straightener
  7. Multifunctional Cutting Device
  8. Collection Table
  9. Controlled Panel
  10. Hydraulic Station

Brief Introduction of The Machine

C/Z Purlin Roll Former Machine Specifications

  1. Total Power: 29.5KW, 22KW for roll forming machine and 7.5KW for punching and cutting
  2. Machine Weight: 15 Ton
  3. Line Dimensions: 18m(L)* 2.5m(W)* 1.5m(H)
  4. Roll Forming Stands: 18 stations
  5. Roller Material: GCR15 or CR12
  6. Stands Type: Iron Case Pillar

Material Details

  1. Coil Material: Hot roll, Cold roll, Galvanized Steel.
  2. Thickness: 1.5-3.5 mm, can be up to 4.5mm
  3. Coil width: 100-600 mm, max 800mm
  4. Material Strength: 235-345 Mpa, can be up to 550 Mpa

Production Specifications

  1. Line Speed: 12-15m/min, exclude punching and cutting. But we also have high speed design, contact us for more information.
  2. Controlled system: PLC and HMI
  3. Transmission System: By Chain as standard. Gear Box is an option.
  4. Adjust method: Manually adjust section, automatically adjust dimensions.

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Believe Industry Company have a full range of roll forming machines for purlins, beams, stud and tracks. Besides these, we also supply coil process equipment, embossing machine, and punch press as auxiliary equipment.

And all the machines are customized. Contact us now for more information.

Photo Galley

roll forming parts of c and z purlin roll forming millCable Tray Machine Uncoiler

interchangeable c/z purlin roll forming machine



Weight 15000 kg
Dimensions 12000 × 1600 × 1600 mm
Installation and commissioning

Installation and commissioning

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