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Roofseal Clip680 Roll Forming Machine


Roofseal Clip680 Roll Forming Machine

Roofseal Clip680 Roll Forming Machine is for product Roofseal clip680 roof as desired length. Which is very famous in Malaysia.

Roofseal clip680 Description

  1. A premium concealed fixing profile roll formed from high-tensile steel substrate protected with corrosion inhibitive treatment.
  2. Possibility of water leakage can be greatly minimized as this profile is installed using clips.
  3. Wide pans and high ribs ensure excellent water discharge capacity
  4. Minimum roof pitch of 2º
  5. Suitable for applications from low pitched roofs to vertical or horizontal ribbed walling for exhibition halls, warehouses and shop

Roofseal clip680 Drawings

roofseal clip680 drawing


Brief Introduction of Roofseal Clip680 Roll Forming Machine


roofseal clip680 roll forming machine

Technical Parameters

Machine specification
  • Motor power: 7.5KW 
  • Machine Weight : 5.5 TOn 
  • Line Dimensions: About 20m*1.5m
  • Roll Forming Stands: 24
Raw material
  • Steel Thickness: 0.45mm 
  • Coil Width: 914mm
  • Material: PPGI, GI, PPGL
  • Material Strength: G300–G550
Production specification
  • Rolling Speed: 15-20 m/min
  • Control System: PLC, HMI
  • Transmission System: Motor, Chain
  • Cutting : Hydraulic
  • Length Tolerance± 2 mm

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