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A Uncoiler (Also named Decoiler) is an indispensable equipment for roll forming lines and coil process equipments. 


Uncoiler Classification

There are 3 kinds deign of uncoiler: Cantilever Uncoiler, Duplex Cylinder Head Uncoiler, Duplex Cone Uncoiler. The Cantilever design has the advantage of high rigidity and high uncoiling tension. So it is suitable for uncoiling thin coils. Another 2 designs are widely used thick coil process equipment(Slitting Line, Cut To Length Line)

In recent years, European and US companies widely use duplex cylinder head uncoiler. Because this design decoiler is easy to operate. And its structure is simpler than that of cantilever uncoiler. The disadvantage is that the double cylinder uncoiler is larger than cantilever uncoiling machine because of it use two sets of transmissions.

The Development Trend of the Uncoiler

Usage of Coil and Strips

The production technology of  thin sheet and coil strip steel is an important symbol of the development level of the steel industry. In addition to its use in automobiles, agricultural machinery, chemicals, food cans, construction, electrical appliances, and other industries, thin steel plates have a direct bearing on daily life. For example, household refrigerators, washing machines, and televisions require thin steel plates. Therefore, in some industrially developed countries, the proportion of steel sheet in steel increases year by year. In thin sheets and strips, cold-rolled products account for a large part.

Development Trend

In recent years, the development of cold strip steel production technology has mainly the following aspects:

  • Increase the weight and quality of the coil  is an effective way to increase equipment production capacity. Because cold rolled steel strips are produced by coils, each coil must be unbundled, uncoiled, and taped before rolling or processing. It is then accelerated to normal speed and finished at the end of each coil. At the same time, there is a need for deceleration, shearing, take-up and unloading, which takes up more production time. After the quality of the coil is increased, the operation time can be correspondingly increased, and due to the increase in the length of each strip steel strip, the strip steel rolling time at a stable speed is also correspondingly increased, and the speed of the unit can be truly improved. Quality can also be improved. However, the quality of steel coils cannot be increased without limit.  Now the maximum weight is up to 60 Ton.
  • Improve the speed of the roll forming machine or coil process equipment. The uncoiling speed is up to 40/sec. But the limitation of material roll forming or processing. the speed can’t improve more.
  • Improve automation degree. Use Limit Switch, Inverter. PLC, etc

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