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Why Choose Us

Believe Industry is dedicated to producing high-quality, productivity-enhancing metal processing equipment for customers around the world. we have all the types of slitting lines and cut to length lines for different requirements. We should cosider the thickness of the material, the type of material, the weight of the coils to be produced, as well as annual volume to be processed all influence the line configuration and capabilities required for a successful installation.

What’s Slitting Line

A Slitting Line is used to break master coils(mother coil) down into smaller coils(son coil) of a specific width and or weight.  A Slitting Line will uncoil a master coil and slit it to a specified width(s).  The slit coils sometimes referred to as “mults” or “strips” have then recoiled.

Fully Customizable

All machine components are designed are customized, before starting design and manufacturer the lines, we will confirm all the technology designs, layouts with you and consider about your factory spacers.

What’s Cut to Length Line

A flat sheet of material is not actually produced by a mill as a flat sheet.  In reality, a flat sheet of material starts its life as part of a coil of material.  A Cut-To-Length Line will uncoil the material, level it, and then cut it to the required length and stack it.

After Sale Service

We are committed to providing you with world-class customer service through our Technical Service Departments. Our knowledgeable staff has many years of service in the metal processing industry and is ready to assist you with your spare parts needs, service contracts, and technical questions.


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