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Questions To Ask Before Buy Roll Forming Machines

    Questions To Ask Before Buy Roll Forming Machines

    The Companies buy roll forming machines on who have the best quality and the lowest price. But the most important thing is the roll forming machines can meet their requirements. So before make the final design, they may have flowing questions

    1. Does the Roll Forming Machines can produce the steel profiles that what i want to produce?

    Firstly, you need prepare the profile drawings with material thickness and also the technical demands to the roll forming machine factory. then the factory engineer will study it and will let you know if a roll forming machine is ok for your requirements. Please be noted that, the roll forming machines can’t instead of a press brake for highly precision demands.

    2. How fast is the Roll Forming Machine?

    Most of roll forming machines roll form simple profiles is fast. But additional punches and tools will slow down the speed. Believe Industry Company have the best solutions to enhance the roll forming machine speed. The maximum speed can be up to 60m /min.

    3.Does a roll forming machine can produce multiple sizes and thicknesses of steel profiles?

    Our roll forming factory have developed several designs of roll forming mills for multiple sizes of profiles. For example, our c and z purlin roll forming machine can produce the width between 80-300 c, u , z purlins with the thickness from 1.2-3.5mm. And we also have roll forming machines for Shelving Panels with the width is 600-1200mm. The thickness should be not a big range. otherwise the radius of the bend line will be a bit different and will final influence the product quality.

    4.Does the roll forming machine include all the components required?

    A whole roll forming machine is consist of uncoiler, roll forming mill, cutoff unit, controlled box. The buyers only need prepare the required space, hydraulic oil, electric supply, coil material. Then the machine is ready to work.

    5.What’s the life of the roll forming machines?

    Roll Forming Machines take a lot of wear and tear for regular use. Believe Industry offer a long-time technical support and 2 years warranty. And free to replace the damage parts which is broken by normal use. The operator should maintain the machines. We will supply the manual for everything.

    To buy roll forming machines, the buyer should know that a less expensive machine may end up costing you more a couple year down the road.

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