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Why Servo Motor?

A servo motor is a better option for any application, like punch patterns, different dies, where positioning is key. A servo motor also provides feedback, letting the operator know when proper positioning has been achieved. Advantage of A Servo Motor Permanent Magnet Smaller size than an induction motor Able to maintain full torque at low

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Roofing Terminology

The introductions of Roofing Terminology A Adhere: to stick a roof system by means of a construction compound or substance. Adhesion: the process of sticking to a surface or object Aggregate: many elements of earth used to improve a roofing systems stability. Often used in built up roof systems as gravel. Alligatoring: a pattern of cracking on a bitumen

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The benefits of roll forming over press brake

Believe Industry’s experience helps customers make important decisions justifying the migration to outsource roll forming and brake forming. But of course Press braking will always have its place in the forming of metal products. However, if customer need high volume production, more complex profiles, or more cost-effective processing options. Customized Profile ROll forming machine becomes

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cropped Pre Cut And Post Cut .

Pre-Cut And Post-Cut Difference

Pre-Cut And Post-Cut Difference Here we will talk about the differences between Pre-Cut And Post-Cut operations. Pre-Cut Pros Reduce the cost of cut-off dies and their maintenance. No buff on the ends. Ability to hand-feed strips or sheets for low-volume production. In roofing and wall panel products, pre-cut avoids cut-off distortion because running different gauges

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stainless slitting line

Maintaining A Stainless Slitting Line

Stainless slitting line is high-performance machines that run at speeds up to 150 meter per minute. For these reasons, coil process equipment must be sure all line elements are properly maintained, which represents a titanic effort if they don’t understand what components are critical. A typical slitting line has the following components: Coil storage Coil car Uncoiler Peeler

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roll forming machine design

Roll Forming Machine Design

As we know that, During roll forming, a flat strip is gradually formed to the finished sections, The forming is almost exclusively accomplished groups of rollers while the material go through the roll forming mill.  This article will be talking about how roll forming machine design and the process. Roller Design Process Affect Roll Forming

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Roll Forming Machine Components

Roll Forming Machine Components In order to form the sheet metal into the desired profile, the designer muct pay attention to the roll forming machine components surrounding the rolls, and to the rolls themselves. A correct manufacturing, setup and in line adjustment of the machine is key to obtaining final products within the desired tolerances.

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Happy Lunar New Year and Believe Industry Reopen Today

We have had a 10 days holiday from Feb 1 to Feb 10 for Chinese New Year. And we are back to work today. Contact us now for more information of Roll Forming Machine and Coil Process Equipment.  

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spandeck roll forming machine

Spandeck Roll Forming Machine is ready for shipment

Spandeck Roll Forming Machine ( Spandeck Roll Former) is a customized machine for Indonesia customer. Which can produce spandecks with 0.30mm to 0.50mm. Spandeck Roll Forming Machine What’s Spandeck? SPANDECK is made from high quality materials and processed with sophisticated machineries. And it is ideal to be used on residential projects, office buildings, factories, and so on. As roof covering

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roofseal deck762 roll forming machine

Roofseal Deck762 Machine Shipped to Malaysia

In the beginning of 2019. Believe Industry Company have shipped Roofseal Deck762 Roll Forming Machine to Malaysia. The machine will arrive Port Kelang within 10 days. And will under operation before Chinese New Year. The Features of Roofseal Deck762 Produced using cold roll-forming process ensures high degree of consistency and dimensional precision. Suitable for use

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