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Roofseal Deck762 Machine Shipped to Malaysia

    In the beginning of 2019. Believe Industry Company have shipped Roofseal Deck762 Roll Forming Machine to Malaysia. The machine will arrive Port Kelang within 10 days. And will under operation before Chinese New Year.

    The Features of Roofseal Deck762

    1. Produced using cold roll-forming process ensures high degree of consistency and dimensional precision.
    2. Suitable for use as roofing, cladding, fascia or hoarding.
    3. Excellent strength weight ratio, durable and cost-effective.
    4. Effective cover at 762mm and Minimum roof pitch of 3°.
    5. Widely used for commercial and industrial applications like factories, shop lots, condominium and apartments.

    Roofseal Deck762 Roll Forming Machine Components

    1. Uncoiler
    2. Roll Forming Machine
    3. Cutoff Unit
    4. Auto Stacker
    5. Controlled Box
    6. Hydraulic Station

    Testing Video of the Roofseal Deck762 Machine

    For more information, you also can browse our product: Metal Roofing Sheet Roll Forming Machine.

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