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The benefits of roll forming over press brake

    Believe Industry’s experience helps customers make important decisions justifying the migration to outsource roll forming and brake forming. But of course Press braking will always have its place in the forming of metal products. However, if customer need high volume production, more complex profiles, or more cost-effective processing options. Customized Profile ROll forming machine becomes a viable option.

    Limitations of press brake

    Anyone who has operated a press brake can appreciate the limitations. Believe Industry will help customers through the evaluation of their current processes, understanding of their strategic and operations goals and objectives. And the assessment of their needs through the review of the following basic facts.


    Press Brake material must be sheets, slit and cut to length prior to forming any profile. While roll forming, material is fed via coil, which will reduce the cost of material handling and improve overall equipment runtime efficiency.

    In addition, high yield materials are also very difficult to process through a press brake process due to the springback. Roll forming does have material limitation as high yield material springback can be controlled easily. And we use Copra software to analysis the forming steps, etc.


    Due to the nature of the press brake process, increased cycle time and excess labor all lend to decreased efficiencies and overall poor performance when faced with high volume customer demands. There are no constraints within a roll forming machine process as the finished product is completed in a single pass. Thus maximizing your equipment efficiency and filtering the savings directly to your customer.


    In addition to production efficiency, the maintenance of part quality is critical to any customer delivery.  While press braking has slight advantages with respect to end flare and pre-pierced hole locational tolerance, it cannot maintain the same level of profile tolerance that a roll form process will achieve. Complex profiles can easily be formed through the single pass linear roll form process whereas press braking has limited capability to accommodate complex bends, that is, a press brake part can only be bent so many times.

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