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China Slitting Line

    Brief Introduction of China Slitting Line

    BELI® is one of China Steel Coil Slitting Line Manufacturer in Shanghai. And the line is a compete line for uncoiling, leveling, slitting, rewinding the big coils/rolls into narrow/specific width rolls or coils.  And the line widespread use  in automobile, electrician, electric power (silicon steel sheet), home appliances and many other industries. The line main include: Uncoiler, Leveler, Slitter, Tensioner, Rewinder, etc.

    China Steel Coil Slitting Line Manufacturer Situation

    With the vigorous development of industrial technology in China. Because of the higher and higher demand of cut/slit coils into sheets. Demand of automatic controlled system for production. And demand of product quality. kinds of latest technology used for the slitting line. Also high automation, high-efficiency is the biggest demands in China now. While the Machines from Europe or Japan are very expensive.

    The Classification of China Steel Coil Slitting Line

    China factory divide the slitting line into two categories in terms of shearing technology.  One is push slitting. Another one is pull slitting:

    • Push Slitting, The coil/sheet will  move forward by the push from the leveling rollers. feed into the slitter, th speed of leveler and slitter is same. but this design may cuve the sheet between the leveling rollers and slitter, lower precision
    • Pull Slitting, The winder will pull the coil through the slitter,  passive cut the coil. the speed of the rewinder is a bit quick than slitter,  so the slited coil is perfect.

    China Steel Coil Slitting Line Current Situation and Future

    Slitting line is a combined processing equipment  of  uncoiling and cut into length cuts. And the coils or sheets are  widely used in the processing of metal plates such as home appliances, automobiles, containers, food packaging, petrochemicals, manufacturing, and decorative materials
    industry. Especially in recent years, the rapid development of industries such as automobiles and home appliances requires a large amount of sheet materials. And this most of these materials are coils, which creates a great demand for slitting lines.  At the beginning the cutting equipment with a single ordinary shear, large labor intensity, big positioning error, will bring material waste.  So the main advantages of the shear line are high productivity, high material utilization, and high degree of automation. And good product quality. In the production of products. Hence the realization of production automation improves productivity and guarantees

    BELI® is specialized in manufacturing full range of Slitting Lines, Cut To Length Lines, Blank Links as per demands. Call Us!

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