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    Why A Cold Roll Forming Machine Supplier Choose Rafted Mills

    The development of rafted mills was a major breakthrough in reducing rollers change time from 8 hr to 45 min. As a Cold Roll Forming Machine Supplier, BELI ® have different types of RAFTED MILLS for different demands. Considering the plant limited, budget, special line, etc. The mill has a  common bed on which locate the drive and the interchangeable place plates. The plates are holding four to eight or more stands.  The lifting capacity (crane) at the user’s plant usually limit the number of stands on a plate.

    Both the operator-side and the drive-side stands are typical operator-side-type stands. While complete with shafts and tooling, the drive-side stands usually have larger bearing blocks to accommodate pairs of cone bearings. Which rigidly hold the shafts in position during the operation. And when to remove the operator-side stand for occasional roll change.

    The driven method, we have 2 kinds, one is gear box transmission and chain&gear transmission, To allow quick plate (profile) change, the drive must have quick disconnect/connect feature.  Another is chain transmission, each mill will assemble chains to save time. Gear box change time will be a bit long. To further reduce the changeover time, The drive system only drive the bottom shafts firmly attached to the bed. The gears located at the drive-side end of the mill shafts to drive  all or some of the upper shafts .

    How to reduce the changing time for a rafted mill

    cold roll forming machine supplier

    Rafted Mill of Cold Roll Forming Machine, Easy to changeover.

    To provide the shortest possible tool change time, Cold Roll Forming Machine Supplier can use hydraulic pushers and clamps . No need fully machined the upper surface of the mill bed . And it is sufficient to machine only the protruding surfaces where the plates (rafts) rest.
    The four lifting lugs attached to the plates should provide a reasonable good balance, and the lifting attachments (bars or chains) should not rub against the tooling, shafts, or stands.





    To reduce changeover time, It’s better to assemble all the additional components such as the entry guides, side-roll stands, and straighteners  in each set of plates.  Therefore saving of floor space can be achieved by storing the plates of a profile on top of each other Tubes or other components  supporting the upper plate(s) should be incorporated in the plate design.

    As a Cold Roll Forming Machine Supplier, Believe Industry Company design and manufacturer full range of cold roll forming machines as per requirements, we have a professional team to design the rafted mills. The Rafted Mills is widely used in Sandwich Panel Production Line-Cold Roll Forming Machine Components, because this line always have 2 or more profiles, some customer also choose double -high mill.

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