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Cantilevered Mill

    Roll Forming Mill, the main part of roll forming line.  This post, i will introduce one lind of Cold roll forming mill type: Cantilevered mill. Which is a very simple roll forming mill type.  manual or economical. BELI® is a Roll Forming Line Factory and coil  process equipment factory in Wuxi, China.

    Cantilevered Mills of Cold Roll Forming Mill

    CANTILEVERED MILL of roll forming machine

    The cantilevered mills support the shafts at one end only; hence, they are sometimes called“overhanging” or stub-type mills.

    Cantilevered mills, producing lock-forms at the edge of sheets, have been popular with sheet metalworkers for a long time. They are low-cost, unsophisticated machines, and require little adjustment. As a result the cantilevered mills become more popular and have been used to form many simple, narrow sections, To utilize the mill for two sections, the opposite side of the “cantilevered” shaft ends can be tooled to form another section

    cold roll forming

    The advantages of the cantilevered mills(roll forming line) are:

    * Relatively low-cost
    * Capability to form the edge of sheets of any width

    The disadvantages of the cantilevered mills are:

    1. Singular adjusting screw makes it difficult to set the required roll gap.
    2. Double-adjusting screws makes it very difficult to adjust the shafts up or down, while keeping the top shaft parallel to the bottom shaft.
    3. The deflection of the two opposing shafts under the same load is approximately four times the deflection of the same shaft supported at both ends. Owing to the larger deflection of the  cantilevered shaft, the shaft length (and the maximum formed width) is limited.

    roll forming line

    To facilitate fast profile changes, rafted (plated) cantilevered mills have been developed. The plate, supporting the stands, shafts, and tools, can be lifted off and exchanged with another one within a few minutes.

    Next post, i will introduce another roll forming mill type. Duplex Mill, which have one common base and drive. They can form both edges of narrow or wide products leaving the center flat. The minimum strip widths depend on how close the opposing rolls can be pushed together. And the maximum widths usually depend on how far the two mills can be moved from each other. ..

    Roll Forming Line Factory(BELI) SUPPLY.

    BELI®(Roll Forming Line Factory) have series kinds of roll forming machine design for different demands.  Such as: Roofing Sheet Roll Forming Machine, Wall Cladding Roll Forming Line, IBR sheets Roll Forming Machine, etc. Contact us now.

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