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Roll Forming Equipment Application

roll forming equipment for sale

As a Rollforming Manufacturer and Exporter in China. Believe Industry Company have a full range of Roll Forming Equipment For Sale.

With the advantage of high volume, in-line processing and lighter, quality outputs make roll forming an ideal solution for many metal fabrication projects. In fact, roll forming is all around us, The warehouse store shelf, the guide rail of rolling shutter door, the channels that slider your car seat, the crash barrier along to the highway, all this are formed by roll forming equipment.

Roll Forming Equipment for Sale

Rollforming is a highly stable and efficient metal fabrication technique which has been applied cross many industries. Below are some applications  in solar, agriculture, construction, transportation.

Roll Forming in Construction and Building

In the construction industry, roll forming equipment offers creative solutions to diversify equipment capabilities. Whether consolidating HVAC components to eliminate assembly or redesigning a product to cut wastes, roll forming delivers.

The roll forming  process excels at reducing weight, decreasing costs and simplifying production in the most challenging fabrication projects, including:

  1. Garage Door or Industrial Rolling Shutter Door
  2. Windows and Doors
  3. Metal Roofings and Walls
  4. Floor Decking
  5. Cable Trays
  6. Purlins and Light Keels
  7. Downspout and Gutters
  8. Ladders and Scaffoldings
roll forming in building material

Roll Forming in Solar Industry

Believe Industry Company  provides groups pf roll forming machines for producing framing, sub-assemblies, PV mounting systems, ground posts, and more.

roll forming in solor industry

Roll Forming in Pallet Racking Industry

Believe Industry’s roll forming machines provides solutions to the pallet racking industry. We produce a series of integrated roll forming machines that optimize production, producing highly quality parts while reduce part cost. And the common products include

  1. Upright Racking
  2. Shelf Panels
  3. Step or Box Beams
  4. Frames
roll forming in pallet racking

Roll Forming in Agriculture

Believe Industry has become adept at producing roll forming equipment and coil process equipment for products for agriculture metal buildings and posts. And the product include:

  1. Roof Deck
  2. Stud and Track
  3. Support Post
  4. Crop Farming
  5. Green House
roll forming in Agriculture

Roll Forming in Transportation

We have a full range of roll forming equipment from steel, aluminum, copper to make transportation product include:

  1. Rail Tracks
  2. Container  Beams and Corrugated Panels
  3. Crossmembers
  4. Decorative Grill Bars
  5. Guardrails and Beams
roll forming in transportation

If you want to know more information about roll forming machine applications and how to buy a suitable roll forming machine. Contact us now.

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