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Ceiling Channel Roll Forming Machine

Believe Industry Company’s Ceiling Chanel Roll Forming Machine can manufacturing C Channel, Wall Angle, POP Channel, False Ceiling, Furring Channel as per requirements.

Ceiling Channel Roll Forming Machine

What’s Ceiling Channels?

Ceiling Channels are consist of below items:
  1. Furring Channel
  2. Wall Angle
  3. Pop Main Channel
  4. False Ceiling Section
  5. Intermediate Channel
  6. Ceiling Angle
  7. Stud and Track
  8. Top Hat

Machine Components

  1. Single Arm Uncoiler: Electric Uncoiling, Hydraulic expanding, hydraulic Pressure arm is adopted to prevent the coils over-loosen.
  2. Feed and Guider: Adopt quality design of feeding and guiding device, the operator can adjust the feeding width by turn around the side wheels easily.
  3. Ceiling Channel Roll Former: Adopt H beam steel welded frame as the machine base, guide pole type or steel welded plate roller stands screwed on the machine base.
  4. Straightener: To ensure the product be straight.
  5. Cutoff Unit: Adopt 4 post-gantry, quality design.
  6. Controlled Box: The operator input the length and quantity of the product through touch screen, the touch screen will show the working status of the machine. And the machine will automatically stop after the completion of the cutting program.
  7. Hydraulic Station: supply power for cutting. Chinese famous brand. equipped with cooling fan.

Brief Technical Parameters Of Ceiling Channel Machine

  1.  Decoiler Type: Manual/hydraulic single mandrel decoiler
  2.  Weight Capacity of Decoiler: 3 Ton
  3.  Leveling and Feeding Device
  4.  Rollers for Leveling: 5 rollers
  5.  Feeding Rollers: 1-3 groups feed rollers
  6.  Roll Diameter: 60 mm
  7.  Forming Roller Stand: 10-16 groups
  8.  Main Axis Material: first grade 45# steel, heated and quenched
  9.  Roller Material: GCr15 Steel, quenched and heated process
  10.  Ceiling Channel Machine Speed: 15- 20 m/min
  11.  Drive Type: 1.5″chain of transmission or Gearbox Transmission
  12.  Machine Frame Stand: welded structural steel
  13. Thickness of Fame Steel: 22 mm
  14.  Drive Motor: Siemens or ABB motor
  15.  Cutting Device & Hydraulic Station
  16.  Cutting Type: hydraulic cutting
  17.  Hydraulic Power: about 5.5 KW
  18.  Hydraulic Blade and Cutter Material: Cr12 MOV, quenching process
  19.  Cutting Length Tolerance: ± 1.5mm
With the years’ experience of manufacturing and exporting roll forming machine, Believe Industry Company have developed several designs of roll forming machines for kinds of ceiling channels. 2 in 1, 3 in 1, 4 in 1 designs all can save costs and spacers for new users. Contact us or Request a quote for more information. Steel Track MachineStud and Track MachineSteel Stud MachineMulti Stud MachineMetal Stud Machinec channel machine
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