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Walk Board Scaffold Plank Roll Forming Machine is for producing steel walk board scaffold planks as per drawings. The machine is also equipped with punch press for holes.

Walk Board Scaffold Plank Roll Forming Machine

Steel Scaffold Plank

Steel Scaffold Plank is the main part of a scaffolding system which is convenient for workers to walk on high buildings. The scaffold planks usually stamped with holes to resist skidding.

There are many types of Steel Scaffold Planks:

sanffold planks
A(mm)B(mm)HOLES SIZES(mm)

Work Process and Layout of Steel Scaffold Plank Roll Forming Machine

layout of scaffold plank roll forming machine

The work process is : Uncoiling– Leveling– Servo Feeding–Punching– Roll Forming  Straightening– Cutting.

Main Machine Components and Technical Parameters

3 Ton Electric Uncoiler for Scaffold Plank Machine

  1. Maximum Loading Width: 600mm
  2. Material Thickness: 1.0-2.0mm
  3. Inner Diameter: 480-520mm
  4. Loading Capacity: 3 Ton Max
  5. Manual loosen and tension, Passive uncoiling

3 Ton Uncoiler

Leveler Machine

  1. Lever Rollers: Total 9, upper 4 and bottom 5.
  2. Equipped with feeder and guider
  3. Motor Power: 5.5KW
  4. Adopt limit switch to ensure the speed will be synchronized with the punch machine.
Leveler Machine

Feeder and Punch Press

  1. Servo Feeder Type: NCF1250
  2. Servo Motor Power: 3KW
  3. Punch Press Capacity: 220 Ton
punch press

Roll Forming Machine

  1. Welded H steel as the main base, iron cast steel pillar as the roll forming stands.
  2. Transmission: Gear box and universal joint.
  3. Roll Forming Stands: 28
  4. Rollers Material: GCR15, quenched and tempered.
  5. Shaft Material: ASTM 1045, 80mm Diameter
  6. Main Motor Power: 37 KW
  7. Scaffold Plank Machine Speed: 15m/min

Flying Hydraulic Cutting

  1. Servo Tracking Motor: 4KW
  2. Hydraulic Cutting Motor Power: 5.5KW
  3. Cutting Blade Material: CR12, quenched.
scaffold plank roll forming machine

Controller Panel

  1. Adopt PLC controlled system, touch screen. The operator can set all the data on the touch screen and control the machine running.
  2. Siemens or Panasonic PLC
  3. Yaskawa Inverter
  4. Omron encoder.

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