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Downspout Roll Forming Machine is for producing rectangular or round downpipes, which is always equipped with a elbow machine.

Downspout Roll Forming Machine

What’s downspout?

A downspout is also named as waterspout, downpipe, drain spout, roof drain pipe, or sone. Which is a pipe for carrying rainwater from the gutter.

The downspouts are usually vertical and extend down to the ground. The rainwater is directed away from the building’s foundation, to protect it from water damage. 

The material of the downspout are usually PPGI, GI, Copper, Aluminum, etc.

Machine Components of Downspout Machine

  1. 3 Ton electric uncoiler
  2. Roll Forming Machine Mill
  3. Straightener
  4. Cutoff Unit
  5. Controlled Panel
  6. Collection Table
  7. Hydraulic Station
  8. Elbow Machine( Optional)

Technical Parameters of Downspout Roll Forming Machine

3 Ton electric decoiler

  1. Capacity: Max 3 Ton
  2. Motor Power: 2.2KW
  3. Inner Diameter of the coil: 450-600mm
  4. Outer Diameter of the coil: Max 1500mm
  5. Manual Loosen and Tension. 

Roll Forming Machine Mill

  1. Machine Base: 350 H steel welded
  2. Machine structure: Chrome Pillar
  3. Roller Material: ASTM 1045, chromed 0.05mm
  4. Shaft Diameter: 70mm
  5. Motor Power: 7.5KW
  6. Downspout Machine Speed: 8-10m/min
  7. Forming Steps: 18

Cutoff Unit

  1. Cutting Type: Hydraulic cutting, roll forming part stop when cutting
  2. Hydraulic Motor Power:4KW
  3. Hydraulic Working Pressure: 12-16Mpa
  4. Material of Cutting Blade: Cr12 with heat treatment
  5. Length measuring: Automatic encoder(Omron Brand) length measuring
  6. Tolerance of Length: ±1.0mm

Controlled Panel

  1. Voltage and Frequency: 415V, 50Hz, 3Phase
  2. Control Panel: Touch screen with button-type switch
  3. Unit of Length: Millimeter (switched on the control panel)
  4. PLC Brand: Panasonic
  5. Frequency Converter Brand: Yaskawa
  6. Encoder Brand: Omron
  7. Touch Screen Brand: Siemens
  8. We adopt aviation plug for easy joint the wires by customers.
  9. You can set the cutting length and quantity on the touch screen. The machine will automatically stop after the completion of the cutting program.

Elbow Machine (Optional)

  1. Max bend angle: 90 degree
  2. Function: bend and fasten at the same time
  3. Electric Power: 2.2KW
elbow machine

Believe Industry Company also have one body downspout roll forming machine which can produce the pipes and elbow in one machine. Contact us for more information.

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