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Box Profile Roofing Sheets Roll Forming Machine is for producing Box Profile Roofing Sheets which are widely used in GBR.

Box Profile Roofing Sheets Roll Forming Machine

What Box Profile Roofing Sheets?

Box Profile Roofing Sheets consist of six profiles and five valleys where the water runs. The profiles are 32mm deep and at 200mm centres. For extra support and stability, two extra ribs can be roll formed into every valley of the sheet.

GBR roofers manufacture Box Profile Roofing Sheets from coil of flat coated steel which are processed through a roll forming machine. The machine is able to form any length and thickness of sheets.

Box profile is a modern alternative to corrugated metal sheets, which effective cover width is 1000mm.  It also has a capillary groove down one edge which eliminates the need for using sealing strips and is  proof.

box profile roofing sheet
Box Profile Roofing Sheets

Layout of Box Profile Roofing Sheets Roll Forming Machine

Uncoiling– Feeding and Guiding– Roll Forming– Cutting Off– Collecting.

widespan roof sheeting roll forming machine layout

Main Machine Components and Technical Specifications 

5 Ton Automatic Hydraulic Uncoiler

floor deck roll forming machine uncoiler

Hydraulic uncoiler is for holding and driving the steel coil. The uncoiler allows for a quick change of steel coli with minimal manual labor. The uncoiler is powered with a feedback system that ensures the roll former is not required to turn the coil. And the uncoiler will turn as required to reduce the potential for over coiling.

  1. Maximum coil mass: 5000 kg
  2. Coil ID: 500-600 mm
  3. Maximum Coil OD: 1300mm
  4. Maximum coil width: 1300mm
  5. Uncoiling Motor Power: 5.5KW
  6. Hydraulic Expansion Motor Power: 3KW

Roll Forming Machine 

box profile roll forming machine
  1. Coil Material: GI, PPGI, SS, HR, CR. 235-550MPA
  2. Thickness range: 0.2-0.8mm
  3. Line Speed : 15-20m/min
  4. Main motor power: 7.5KW
  5. Machine Voltage, Frequency, Phase:440 V, 50 Hz, 3Phase
  6. Roll station: 20 stations
  7. Roller material:ASTM 1045 chrome plated surface with hardness 58-62 degree ,CNC,
  8. Shaft diameter: ¢76mm material: ASTM1045 with quenching and tempering
  9. Transmission: by chain
  10. Machine base frame adopt H beam welding steel
  11. Machine chromed pillar as the stands
  12. To avoid accidents,all of drive part adopt protect cover

Cutoff Unit

  1. Cutting type: hydraulic, connect with the punching hydraulic unit
  2. Cutting power by hydraulic, 5.5KWAC motor
  3. Hydraulic working pressure: 12-16Mpa
  4. Cutting after forming: Cut the sheet before roll forming to required length
  5. Cutting motion: The roll forming part is NON-stop when cutting
  6. Material of blade:Cr12 with heat treatment
  7. Length measuring: Automatic encoder length measuring, brand: Omron
  8. Tolerance of length: +/- 1.5mm each piece end product

Controlled Box

PLC Controlled Cabinet
  1. Programmable setting of profile dimensions: to be provided
  2. Programmable cutting unit, various lengths in one programming cycle without quantity restrictions (without stopping the operating equipment)
  3. Automatic stopping of the equipment after completion of the cutting program
  4. Operating system language: English and Chinese.
  5. Voltage, Frequency, Phase: 415 V, 50 Hz, 3Phase
  6. Length inaccuracy can be amended easily.
  7. Control panel: Button-type switch and touch screen
  8. Unit of length: millimeter (switched on the control panel)
  9. PLC brand: Panasonic
  10. Frequency converter brand: Yaskawa
  11. Touch screen: MCGS

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