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Glazed Tile Roll Forming Machine is for produce metal glazed tiles as desired drawings. Believe Industry Company new design tile machine speed can be up to 6m per minute.

Glazed Tile Roll Forming Machine

Machine Components

  1. Hydraulic Uncoiler
  2. Guider and Feeder
  3. Pre-cutter
  4. Roll Forming Mill
  5. One-body Hydraulic Punching and Cutting Device
  6. Collection Table
  7. Hydraulic Station
  8. Controlled Panel

Work Flow

Layout of Steel Tile Profile Roll Forming Machine

The production process of the metal glazed tile roll forming machine is: Uncoiling– Feeding&Guiding– Roll Forming– Punching– Cutting–Collecting

Glazed Tile Roll Forming Machine Specifications

5 Ton Hydraulic Uncoiler

The Uncoiler is for holding the coils, and uncoiling it into the main metal tile machine.

  1. Main motor power: 4kw
  2. Material of shaft: ASTM1045 steel 
  3. Transmission drive: 1.2 inch chains
  4. Diameter of shaft: 130mm
  5. Hydraulic motor: 3kw 
  6. Journey of the oil-container: 120mm 
  7. Pressure: 10Mpa
  8. Inner-diameter: 480-530mm
  9. Max.diameter:1600mm
  10. Capability: 5 tons

Roll Forming Mill

  1. Machine Structure: H steel welded, Chromed stands as the support arm.
  2. Profile steel thickness 0.3-0.6 mm carbon steel and stainless steel
  3. Main motor power:  7.5 KW, AC motor, 
  4. Machine Voltage, Frequency, Phase: 380 V, 50 Hz, 3Phase, 
  5. Roll station: 16stations
  6. Roller material: ASTM1045, hardness and chrome plated surface
  7. Shaft diameter: diameter 76 mm material: ASTM1045 
  8. Metal Tile Machine Speed: 6-8m/min
  9. Transmission: by chain

Hydraulic Punching and Cutting

  1. Adopt One-body design, four post design, stronger and good appearance
  2. Punching and Cutting Mould Material: CR12, quenched 58-62 degree
  3. Length measuring, brand: Omron
  4. Tolerance of length: 3000mm+/- 1.5mm

Hydraulic Station

  1. Hydraulic power: 11kW with energy storaging tank
  2. Working pressure: 10-12 Mpa adjustable
  3. Solenoid valve: 2 group
  4. Hydraulic oil: 46 # hydraulic oil

Controlled Panel

  1. You can set the running speed/length/batch/quantity of the steel tiles on the touch screen. And then the machine will running automatically. Or you can choose manual mode.
  2. Computer Control System:Panasonic PLC
  3. Touch screen: Kunluntongtai MCSG
  4. Encoder: Omron Brand
  5. Inverter: YASKAWA
  6. Limit switch: Omron Brand
  7. Pressure of Hydraulic Station: 16Mpa
  8. Current: 380V direct current, 50Hz, 3 phase
  9. Adopt aviation plug for easy connect the wires

Believe Industry Company have a full range of roll forming machines for tiles, metal roofing sheets. Contact us for more information.

Photos of the steel tile machine

steel tile profile roll forming machine


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