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Pu Foamed Roller Shutter Door Roll Forming Machine is a whole production line for producing PU rolling shutter slats, window slats for Europe market.

The Rolling Shutter Door is a kind of door which opened and closed by lifting and descending along guide rail with or with out motor.  In some regions or areas where it’s too cold in winter, people prefer to add thermal materials (PU or polyurethane to be specific) inside the rolling shutter or roller shutter to preserve heating, and based on the request, PU Roller Shutter Door Roll Forming Machine has been invented.

PU Foamed Shutter Slats are produced from Galvanized steel or Alloy Aluminum. The width of the profiles are 37 mm, 42 mm, 55 mm, 77 mm, and 125 mm, Believe Industry Company also accept customized design as well.

Specifications of PU Foamed Roller Shutter Door Roll Forming Machine

Line Working Process

pu rolling shutter slats roll forming machine layout

PU Foam Shutter Door Line Components

No Machine Components Qty
1 3 Ton Electric Uncoiler 1
1 Roll Forming Machine Feeding Guider 1
2 Roll Forming Mill 1
3 Straightener 1
4 Heating Device 1
5 Tracking Saw Cutting Device 1
6 Automtic Convey Table 1
7 Mechanical Punch Holes Device 1
8 Controlled System 1

Main Machine Technical Parameters

3 Ton Electric Uncoiler

Description Specification
 H beam steel and steel plate welded structure used for supporting and unwinding coils
Decoiler Expansion & Tension Manual expansion and tension
Power For Uncoiling 2.2 KW
Coil Unwinding Electric unwinding
Expansion Range 400-520 mm
Max Loading Capacity 3000 kgs
3 Ton Electric Decoiler

PU Rolling Shutter Roll Forming Machine

Description Specification
 Feeding Guide + Roll Forming Stations + Heating Device

Machine Structure: Steel plate welded machine base; guide-column type roller stands screwed on the machine base

n Entry Feeding Guide: manually rotate side hand-wheel to adjust the width; avoid material deviation when entering 

Main Motor Power 7.5kw
Forming Steps 37 steps
Forming Speed 30-40 m/min
Drive System Gear Box and Universal Joint
Shaft Material 40Cr; Diameter:75mm; solid shaft
Roller Material 45# steel, fine machining, HRC 58-62. surface chrome plated
Shaft Material 40 mm diameter, 45# Steel.
roll forming machine




Heating Device

Description Specifications
Pre- heating the coil to help expanding the forming Injection
Size 3-4 meters
Heating Type Heating Tube
heat device

Foam Machine

Description Specifications
Foam Injection into the rolling shutter slats
Motor Power 7.5KW
Mixing Pump Quantity 8g/sec
Density 35-40 kg/m3
Mixing Type Mechanical and Automatic
Washing Automatic
Tank Volume 50 Kg/tank/ Both Poly and ISO
Brand of Foam Machine Great Wall
foam machine

Servo Motor Tracking Cutting Saw Device

Description Specifications
While Cutting, the machine will not stop.
Cutting Type Tracking Saw Cutting By Servo Motor
Cutting Motor 2.2KW
Servo Motor 1.5KW
Equipped with wasted material collecting device
servo motor tracking saw cutting machine

Convey Table

Description Specifications
Table for conveying products for punching holes or collecting
Size 8 m
Type Automatic
convey table

Mechanical Punch Device

Description Specifications
Mechanical Punch Device for punching holes on the rolling shutter slats
Punch Type Mechanical
mechanical punch hole device equipped with the roller up door machine

PLC Control System For Roller Up Door Line

Description Specifications
Equipped with PLC automatic control system, users input required production data such as length, quantity through touch screen, the touch screen will show the production status. The machine will automatically start to work and stop after the completion of the program.
Voltage and Frequency 380V, 50HZ, 3 Phase( Please confirm)
Touch Screen Delta
Control System Delta PLC
Encoder Omron
Frequency Inverter Brand Delta
Equipped with aviation plug for easy connect the wiring.
controlled panel for pu roller up door roll forming machine

Believe Industry Company have a full range of roll forming machines for rolling shutter door system. Contact us now for more information.

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