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    Believe Industry(BELI®) has several kinds of Coil Process Equipments. Such as Slitting Line Machine, Cut To Length Line Machine, Blanking Line Machines, etc.

    Slitting is a sheet longitudinal metal-cutting process with circular knives, which is for slitting wide coils/rolls into narrow widths or for edge trimming of coils/rolls. Mount the slitter knives on two shafts together with spacers . The spacers determine the width of the cut and the horizontal clearance. Sometimes also use vertical clearances to correct for bending of the arbors. Rubber stripper rings are used to eject the strip from between the knives and to support the strip during slitting.

    Just like guillotine, slitting combines shearing with a bending deformation and the stages are found next to each other at the same time. An ordinary slitting line consists of a uncoiler, a slitter and a recoiler. The uncoiler, slitter and recoiler have separate motors. Depending on the way the uncoiler, slitter and recoiler are driven, different modes to drive the material through the slitter knives can be distinguished. Too choose a suitable model depends on the material, the sheet thickness and the number of slits.

    slitting line machine

    The design of Slitter for a slitting line machine. the slit knife, spacers, rings.

    Two Different Design of Slitting Line Machine
    Straight mode slitting

    In this mode the driven recoiler pulls the material from the uncoiler through the slitters.  We name it “pull-through slitting”.  While the uncoiler and slitter are driven only to feed the material to the recoiler. In driven slitting the slitter is also driven during the process. The motors must now be synchronised to maintain a constant speed of the material as it moves through the line. The advantages of driven slitting are the ability to slit thin sheets and an improved edge quality for all thicknesses.

    Free loop mode slitting

    In free loop slitting, the material is allowed to form a free loop between the slitter and the recoiler. Need a tensioning device in front of the recoiler now, to produce well slitted coils. This method makes it possible to process poorly shaped coils. Shape defects (length variations such as buckles, twists and thickness variation across the width) and internal stresses in the incoming coil influence the result of the slitting process. Therefore, a leveler or a temper mill can be added to the slitting line, to correct defects in the incoming coil, which ensures a better quality of the slitted strips.

    slitting line machine layout

    A higher precision slitting line machine layout. easy to find the M/C and the function.

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