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Trim Roll Forming Machine

    Trim Roll Forming Machine

    Believe Industry Company’s Trim Roll Forming Machine has the same benchmarks and equipped with:

    • High quality PLC of CNC controls
    • Hand feeder for sheets and automatic feeder for coils
    • Speed can be up to 40m/min
    • Standard and custom profiles avariable

    Most Common Trim Profiles

    Believe Industry Company customers can choose between a single trim or a multi Trim Roll Forming Machine to produce multiple profiles on a common set of shafts. Below are the most common trim profiles:

    1. Corner
    2. Rake
    3. Ridge Cap
    4. Eave Trim
    5. Angle Trim
    6. Z Trim
    7. J-Channel
    8. V-Valley
    9. W valley
    10. Fascia
    11. Snow Guard

    Multi Trim Rollformer

    Multi Trim Rollformer with cast stands & Cast Bearing Blocks or chromed pillar. Which can produce up to 5 profiles.

    Multi Trim Roll Former

    Single Trim Roll Former

    Single Trim Roll Former with chromed pillar stands, bolted stands or steel plate welded depends on the profile dimensions.

    single trim roll former

    Roll Forming Dies

    All the roll forming rollers are cnc machined dies made from GCR 15 material and hardness treatment. Then chromed for longevity.

    roll forming dies

    Believe Industry Company offer a variety of options of trim roll forming lines to increase customer’s production rate.

    To received a quote on the trim machine. please send your profile drawing showing dimensions, type and thickness of material. Or contact us for more information directly.

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