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AG Panel Roll Forming Machine

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AG Panel Roll Forming Machine is a whole automatic line for AG Panel Metal Roof for USA Market

AG Panel Roll Former Machine Specifications

What’s AG Panel?

AG Panel Metal Roof, a low depth profile, economical panel solution for residential, commercial and agricultural roofing or post frame buildings. AG panels are a very durable, high-value metal roofing system. Manufactured from 0.3-0.8mm thickness material.

AG Panel Metal Roof

AG Panel Machine Components

AG Panel Metal Roofing Roll Forming Machine is consisit of:

  1. 5 Ton Uncoiler
  2. Feeding and Guiding Device
  3. Roll Forming Machine
  4. Cutting Device
  5. Controlled Panel
  6. Hydraulic Station
  7. Collection Table

Brief Technical Parameters

  1. Uncoiler Capacity: 5 Ton
  2. Coil Thickness: 0.3-0.8 mm
  3. Coil Material: PPGI, GI, Alzn, SS, Alu.
  4. Roller Material: 40 CR, HRD and Chromed
  5. Forming Stands: 18
  6. Shaft Material: 42 CR, 75 mm diameter
  7. Motor Power: 7.5kW
  8. Hydraulic Cutting Power: 4 KW
  9. Transmission: Chain and Gear
  10. PLC Brand: Siemens
  11. Encoder: Omron
  12. AG Panel Machine Speed: 15-20 m/min

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AG Panel Roll Forming Machine
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