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C Purlin Roll Former

C Purlin Roll Former is for produce C Purlins as per requirements. The Purlin web size is from 80-350mm, flange size is from 40-60mm, and thickness is 1.0-3.5mm. 

C Purlin Roll Former

C Purlin Specifications

c purlin
  1. Material: CR, HR, Galvanized Steel
  2. Yield Strength: 235-400 Mpa
  3. Hole designs can be customized

C Purlin Roll Former Machine Components

  1. Manual Uncoiler
  2. Roll Forming Machine Mill
  3. Hydraulic Punching and  Cutting System
  4. Collection Table
  5. PLC controlled system
  6. Hydraulic Station

Flow Chat of Purlin Machine

c purlin roll former layout

Technical Parameters of C Purlin Roll Former


  1. Type: Mechnical uncoiler, Passive uncoiling, manual lossen and tension
  2. Loading Capacity: 5000 KGS
  3. I.D of the coil: 400-600mm
  4. O.D of the coil: 1600mm, Max

Roll Forming Machine Mill

  1. Feeding and Leveling Device: It is for leveling the material flat before feeding into the roll forming machine
  2. Main Motor Type: 3 phase asynchronous motor
  3. Main Motor Power: 18.5KW
  4. Roll Forming Speed: 0-20m/min
  5. Rollers Stations: 16 stations
  6. Rollers Material: CR12 Mov, quenched treatment, HRC 58-62 degree.
  7. Shaft: Shaft of the rollers are tolled by grinding machine for 2 times to ensure the precision of the c purlins. 
  8. Shaft Diameter: 75mm
  9. Shaft Material: 40 CR
  10. Changng Sizes: Manual, Semi-automatic, Automatic

Hydraulic Punching and Cutting

  1. Punching Type: Hydraulic Punching.
  2. Punching Mould Material: CR12
  3. Cutting Type: Hydraulic Cutting, multifunctional design
  4. Cutting Mould Material: CR12
  5. Hydraulic Power: 7.5KW
  6. Hydraulic Pressure: 16 Mpa

PLC Controlled Panel

  1. Controll the quantity, length, punching holes position automatically.
  2. The machine will be stopped while punching and cutting
  3. Voltage: 380V, 50Hz, 3 Phase
  4. PLC brand: Siemens or Panasonic
  5. Solenoid valve: Beijing hade
  6.  Touch Screen manufacturer: MCGS or Siemens
  7. Encoder: Omron
  8.  frequency converter:Japan Yaskawa

Believe Industry Company have a full range of roll forming machines for c purlins. We have several designs. and now more and more customer prefer to buy a C and Z Purlin Roll Forming Machine which can produce both c and z purlins. Contact us for more information

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