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Cable Tray Machine

Cable Tray Machine is for producing cable trays, cable tray ladders, cable tray covers as per drawings. Believe Industry Company have a full range of roll forming machines for cable tray systems.

cable tray machine

Cable Tray Machine Components

1.8Ton Hydraulic Decoiler1 set
2.7-Roller Type Leveller1 set
3.Servo Feeder1 set
4.80Ton Power Press1 set
5.Main Roll Forming Machine1 set
6.Flying Cutoff & Shrink Device1 set
7.Cable Tray End Necking Die2 sets
8.Final Product Support Table2 sets
9.PLC Control System1 set
10.Hydraulic Station1 set

Cable Tray Machine Line Specifications

8 Ton Hydraulic Uncoiler

  1. Structure And Function: Steel plate and beam welded structure, used for holding and unwinding the steel coils.
  2. Decoiler Mandrel Expansion And Tension: Hydraulic expansion and tension, hydraulic power offered by 3kw electric motor
  3. Mandrel Expansion Range: 480mm to 520mm
  4. Decoiling:11kw motor power for coiling unwinding
  5. Decoiling Speed: 0-15m/min, adjustable
  6. Speed Control: By frequency converter, YASKAWA brand
  7. Maximum Capacity: 8000kg
  8. Coil I.D: 508mm; Max Coil O.D: 1350mm

7 Rollers Leveler

  1. Type: 7 rollers for levelling, upper 3 rollers and lower 4 rollers
  2. Power for Levelling: 2.2kw

Servo Feeder

  1. Feeding Roller Specification: φ95, 2 rollers
  2. Power for Feeding: 1.8kw motor
  3. Servo Motor Brand: YASKAWA SGM7G-13AFC61+SGD7S-120A00A002
  4. PLC: Siemens PLC, 214-1AD23
  5. Touch Screen: Siemens touch screen, SMART 6AV 6648-0CC11-3AX0

315 Ton High Speed Power Press

  1. Brand: YangLi JH21-315
  2. Punching Speed: 80 times per minute, 200mm length of material feeding each time
  3. Punching Die: progressive die
  4. Mould Material: SKD11
  5. Punching moulds are customized according to specific drawings

Cable Tray Machine Mill

  1. Machine Structure: H beam steel welded frame as the machine base; steel plated welded on the machine machine as the roller stands
  2. Formed Material Thickness: 0.6-1.2mm
  3. Cutting Length: 2000-7000mm
  4. Roller Stations/Forming Steps: 22 steps for cable tray; 12 steps for covers
  5. Shaft Material: 40Cr with heat treatment; Diameter: 70mm
  6. Roller Material: GCr15 with 0.05mm chrome plated
  7. Main Motor Power: 11kw x 2
  8. Motor Brand: Siemens 1TL0001-1DB23-3FA5
  9. Roll Forming Speed: 16m/min; 5 pieces output when cutting length is 3000mm
  10. Drive: 1.2” chain drive
  11. Bearing: HRB Bearing (Top 1 brand in China)
  12. Power for Width Adjust: 2.2kw
  13. Power for Height Adjust: 1.5kw x 2

Hydraulic Cutting Device

  1. Cutting Type: servo flying cutting without changing cutting molds for each size
  2. Cutting Blade Material: SKD11
  3. Adjust of Cutting Blade: manual adjust the cutting width and height
  4. Power for Cutting: 15kw
  5. Hydraulic Pressure: 20Mpa
  6. Power for Servo Flying: 4.4kw servo motor
  7. Servo Motor Brand: YASKAWA SGM7G-44AFC61+SGD7S-330A00A002
  8. Cutting Length & Quantity: controlled by PLC control system, users only need to input desired length and quantity on touch screen
  9. Cutting Length Accuracy: ±3mm/10m
  10. Angularity Accuracy: ±1.5°/10m
  11. Material of Necking Die: SKD11
  12. Necking Die Quantities: 4 sets

Final Product Support Table

  1. Function: Support the final products in avoid of falling down
  2. Type: Angle steel welded frame, roll-path type; non powered
  3. Length: 3000mm x 2 sets

Control System

  1. Users input the length and quantity of the product through touch screen, the touch screen will show the working status of the machine
  2. Operation Type: automatic type & manual type
  3. PLC Control System: Siemens PLC 214-1AD23
  4. Inverter: YASKAWA 11 kW CIMR-VB4A0031
  5. Contactor: Schneider LC1-E2510
  6. Thermal Relay: Schneider LRE 32N
  7. Switch: Taiwan Mean Well NES-75-24
  8. Auxiliary Relay: Omron MY2NlJ DC24V
  9. Transformer: Wuxi Fujie JBK3-160VA
  10. Encoder: Koyo TRD-2T600BF
  11. Touch Screen: Siemens
  12. All electric elements conform to CE standard.

Hydraulic Station

  1. 15kw hydraulic station for cutting
  2. Electromagnetic Valve: Rexrroth 4WE10E3X/EG24N9K4
  3. Hydraulic Valve: Rexrroth DBW10B2-5X/315EG24N9K4

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