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China Roll Forming Machine

    As a China Roll Forming Machine Supplier, Believe Industry Company is engaged in designing and manufacturing series kinds of roll forming machines as per requirements.


    Cold Roll Forming Machine industry have more than 60 years’ development in foreign developed countries, for China, it is a new green industry. And it have a very big local market and a bright future.

    The Roll Forming Machine is widely used in the steel structure construction industry. And compared with three other types of building structures( Reinforced concrete structures, wood structures, sandstone structures). Steel structure have its own light weight, good seismic resistance, short construction cycle, high standard of operation, fast return on investment, environmental protection green industry and many other advantages. Which have been determined for a long period of time to focus on the development of environmental protection as China government policy.

    Form 1980s, China roll forming machine industry get a very fast development.  But at present, there are still many defects. For example, The factory of roll forming machine is mainly belong to private enterprises. Small scale and dispersed distribution. And less varieties of manufactured products and poor sharing of resources. But of course. there are some big factories have its own technical team. and import the highest technology from abroad. Their machines have exported to Europe, North American, and the whole world with the cheaper price.


    Roll Forming Machine Attribute 


    Roll Forming Machine is for forming steel coils/strips along straight, longitudinal, parallel bend lines with multiple pairs of contoured rollers without changing the thickness of the material at room temperature.

    The Roll forming machine is consist of Uncoiler, Feeder, Roll Forming  and Collection Table.


    Adopt cold roll forming machine process, it can produce various steel profiles.  Therefore, cold forming products as an important structural parts in the steel construction industry, automobile manufacturing, agricultural machinery manufacturing, shipbuilding and transportation industry, petrochemical, electronic industry, machinery manufacturing and daily necessities manufacturing and many other fields have been widely used.

    The cold roll formed steel product from simple rails, doors, windows, and also some special purposes profiles. The type is extremely wide. Using cold roll formed steel instead of hot rolling steel will achieve the  double effect of saving steel and saving energy. So the quality of the roll forming machine is very important.

    Development Trend of China Roll Forming Machine

    Cold Roll Forming is a new steel sheet processing technology in the steel industry. At the same time, the technology is constantly moving forward. To reduce the energy consumption by reducing the structural quality and adapting to different load forms. Which is one of the trends in the development of advanced manufacturing technology.

    Wide development spacer

    Steel Structure market is steel an emerging market. The demands of mechanical produces us also increasing every year.

    International trade trend

    As a result of global economic integration, the demand for roll forming machine will be releasing. China roll forming machine with its product stability, lower cost, highly quality gradually accepted by the international market. Particularly in South_east Asia and South American markets. At the same time, the low-end market in Europe and US. And in fact, China’s policies are still encouraging for the export of mechanical products. Believe Industry have exported series types of roll forming machine to abroad. Such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Basil.

    The industry is more normalized

    At present, no matter the range of roll forming machine product, techonology, equipemnt and the requirement of the buyers, which are a great change. And the current national standards of roll forming machine cant not fully meet the needs. So this restricts the application of some cold roll formed steel and the improvement of product quality which is imperative to make further modification and improvement to the national standard of cold-formed steel.

    Deep processing of cold roll formed steel.

    The demestic cold roll formed steel manufacturers are mostly the primary cold roll formed steel product, which is lack of further processing. Cold roll former steel is a twice processing product of coil strips. But it also need further processing to meet users’ requirements.  If the enterprise’s products can not adapt to the needs of users, it does not have a strong competitive edge. This can not only provide users with directly available parts products or close to the application of semi-finished goods, user-friendly, reduce production costs, but also can increase the cold bending steel production plant economic benefits.

    Believe Industry Company also have a full range of coil process equipment, such as slitting line, cut to length line, blank lines.  And also the auaxiliary equipments, such as: Uncoiler, Straightener, Roll Forming Mills, Punch Press, Rotary Punch, etc.

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