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    Mini Slitting Line, also named simple slitting line. Which is able to slit 0.2-2 mm thickness, Max 1250 mm width coil. And the coil weight is below 10 Ton

    M/C of Mini Slitting Line
    • 10 Ton Capacity Uncoiler
    • Leveling and Slitting Device
    • Tension Damp
    • 10 Ton Capacity Electric Uncoiler
    Layout of the Mini Slitting Line
    Simple Mini Slitting Line

    The Mini Slitting Line is used to slit 0.2-2.0mm thickness, 1250 mm maximum width coil into narrow coil strips

    Technical Specifications of Mini Slitting Line
    10 Ton Hydraulic Uncoilerwith coir car
    • Structure and Type: high quality steel welded, supporting and uncoiling the coils; electric uncoiling, hydraulic loosening tensioning
    • Maximum capacity: 10Ton
    • Uncoiler Inner Diameter: 460-520mm
    • Maximum width: 1750mm
    • Un-coiling speed: 25m/min
    • Uncoiling Power: 5.5KW
    • Hydraulic Power: 3KW
    Feeding and LevelingDevice
    • Type: 2 rollers feeding, 7 rollers leveling
    • Slitting Power:5KW
    • Shaft Diameter: 110mm
    • Shaft material: 40Cr, quenched(HB220-260)
    • Cutter Material: CR12 MOV
    • Cutter Quantity: 8 pairs
    • Slitting precision: +/-1mm
    • Slitting Speed: 0-20m/min
    • Hydraulic Cutting: users can cut the slitted strips to a certain length when they do not need recoil the strips
    • Cutting Structure: Guide Pillar
    • Cutter Material: CR12 MOV
    • Horizontal Cut Precision: +/-1mm
    • Hydraulic Power: 5.5KW
    Slitted Strips Recoiling Device
    • Loading Capacity: 10Ton
    • Recoiling Speed: 0-20m/min
    • Recoiling Power: 11KW
    • Hydraulic Power: 5.5KW
    Control Systemand Hydraulic Station
    • Computer Control System: Panasonic PLC
    • Encoder: Omron Brand
    • Pressure Of Hydraulic Station:16 Mpa-20 Mpa
    • Current: 380V, 50Hz, 3 Phase

    Mini Slitting Line is not our main product. But to meet different requirements, Believe Industry(BELI®) design and manufactuer series kinds of Mini Slitting Line. We also have full range of Roll Forming Machine for choosing.

    What can i know if the slitting line machine is suitable for us?
    1. Your demand of the precision coil strips after slitted is not too big.
    2. Lower demands of the speed
    3. Only used for your self production.
    4. Thickness and width of the mother coil is not too big.

    As a result. A Mini Slitting Line is a lower-demand product. which is for a small factory. we also have High Speed Slitting Line for big demands.


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