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To eliminate the deformation by the internal stress which is created by the roll forming press. A straightener is generated.

Usually, wide building sheets remain straight after roll forming. but most narrow steel profiles and especially asymmetrically roll formed steel profile will required a straightener.

Straighteners Components

Roll Forming Mill Straightener
To eliminate the deformation by the internal stress which is created by the roll forming press. A straightener is generated.

A straightener consists of support structures, rollers and also the adjust wheels. It is important that the roller fit to the steel profile section and is able to apply pressures on the bend or twist lines. To correct the deformation from the straightness of a bend line, the pressure is always apply to one direction at once.

Straighteners Position

The straightener is always located between the cutoff blade and the last stands. And as closed to the last stand as possible.

It is  noticed that straightener is not a forming tool. so Believe Industry Company always adjust the roll forming mills to form the sections as straight as possible without a straighter.


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