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Roll Fomring Machine Transmission

    Roll Forming Transmission

    Roll Forming Transmission are usually powered by electric motors. In only few cases, roll forming mill are driven by hydraulic motor. Most hydraulic motors powered by hydraulic station by electric motors. And at some remote job site, the truck-mounted (Portable) roll forming machine is driven by diesel engine.

    Most of roll forming machines use three phase AC motor, In the low cost design mills, Chains and chain&gear combinations have been used for speed reduction and power transfer. Sometimes, A speed gear reducer as installed between the motor and the mill.

    Roll Forming Transmission Types

    Chain Drives

    Using one chain to drive both top and bottom shaft. But the shaft adjustability is very limit and the speed is very slow. An alternative method of chian drive allows big vertical adjustbility of the top shaft. Chains drives are for a low cost roll forming mill

    .Chain Dirves roll forming mill

    Gear Drives

    Same like to China Drives, the adjustability pf the top shaft is also limited. Lift the top shafts a small amount cause only the tips of the gears touching each other. it will easily clip and treak the teeth of the gears. Finally it will influence the quality of the product.

    Chain&Gear Drives

    To Reduce the cost of the roll forming mill. Believe Industry Company occasionally combine chain drives with gear drves, or not drive top shafts.

    Roll forming mill gear drives

    Nondriven Top Shafts

    As long time experience, we found that we can sucessly roll forming the product without driving the top shafts. But only drive the bottom shafts genrates some problem for first and last few stands:

    1. Difficlut to input the strip into the mill
    2. Cant not output the product through the staightener, cutoff unit.
    3. The speed is not stable.

    Therefore, we will aslo some add gears to driven the first 1 or 2 and last 1 or 2 top shafts.

    Gear Box Transmission

    Quality Roll Forming Mills are adopt gear box to driven the bottom shaft, which is more stable. But cost is higher.

    roll forming gear box drives

    Believe Industry Company have an experience team to design and manufatcuer roll forming machine as per requirements. Contact us for more information. or Download our latest catalogue.




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