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    Light Gauge Steel Frame Structure

    Brief Introduction

    Light gauge steel frame structure (LGSM) uses various kinds of cold-formed steel. And cold-formed steel is cold roll formed by 1.5-6.0mm steel plate or coil strips. The profile section have the same wall thickness.  In industry, home, and agriculture building adopt light gauge steel to make roofing system, wall system. purlin, etc.


    Cold-formed steel plate is roll formed from 0.4 to 1.2 mm thick galvanized steel(GI)  or pre-painted galvanized steel(PPGI) and are widely used for roof panels, wall panels and partition walls. Filled with lightweight heat-insulating material(Such as PU, EPS, Rockwool) between upper and lower laminated steel plates. It can also be made into heat-insulating or heat-insulating sandwich plates. Concrete steel-concrete composite floor slabs can also be placed on two-way embossed profiled steel plates. In this case, press-formed steel plates replace force-reinforced steel bars and can simultaneously double as a template for pouring concrete.

    Structural features

    Compared to hot-rolled steels, thin-walled steel sections have larger radii of revolution and moments of inertia under the same cross-sectional area. Due to the effect of cold hardening in the forming process of cold-formed steel, the yield point of the steel is significantly increased. The so-called cold-bending effect is beneficial to the mechanical performance of the components, thereby saving steel. The cold-formed, thin-walled steel structure is lightweight, versatile, and capable of industrial production. It is a promising structure. The thickness of cold-formed thin-walled steel is small.

    Dos and Don’ts

    Design should pay attention to the use of the environment, not use the strong role in the erosion of the housing Choose a reasonable structure and construction details, such as the use of round tubes, square tubes, and other surface area as small as possible and the use of easy inspection, brushing and paint structure detail. Before the application of anti-corrosion measures during construction, the rust and dirt should be completely removed, with particular attention to the nodes and inconvenient removal. Corrosion can be galvanized or various primers and topcoat depending on the situation.

    Believe Industry(BELI®) have series kinds of machines for Light Gauge Steel Frame. Such as: Purlin Roll Forming Machine. Stud and Track Roll Forming Machine. Roofing Sheet Roll Forming Machine, Wall Cladding Roll Forming Machine.

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