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    FAQ of Light Steel Structure Villa

    Steel Structure is not stranger to us. In every corner of life, as long as you pay a bit attention, you will find steel structure.  Let’s talk about the three main FAQ of Light Steel Structure below:

    The Light structure villa without any bricks, cement. It is durable?

    Whether the house is strong or not is mainly reflected in the life of the house, the safety performance of the natural disaster and so on. Rather than the intuitive experience of kneading and kicking by hand.T raditional brick and cement buildings are masonry structures and rigid connections, which can not withstand the earthquake, typhoon and other instantaneous forces. And huge external force tear will lead to the collapse of the structure, while causing secondary damage to life and property.

    Light steel structure villa main structure is high strength, high galvanized keel structure system. And all are all high galvanized bolt connection, form the whole flexible structure. When encounter natural disaster (such as earthquake, tsunami, typhoon etc.), can instantly unload the external force. Releasing the shear or deformation stress caused by the huge external force to ensure the overall safety of the house. Even if the larger earthquake, typhoon caused the collapse of the house deformation, it will form a flexible support space to protect the safety of life and property. The composite structure wall not only has good integrity, but also avoids the secondary injury caused by the collapse of the masonry structure.

    Only 50% thickness of the traditional brick-concrete, how to meet the requirement of sound insulation

    Sound is also a force that obeys the basic laws of energy transmission. The single material wall is limited by the law of mass, The heavy wall, thick wall can obtain good sound insulation performance. The light steel structure villa adopts the multiplayer plate composite wall, which not only saves the valuable building area occupied by the traditional bulky wall, but also adopts different materials, different thickness and multi-story structure to achieve better sound insulation performance. For example: the outermost material is the board, the interior wall decoration and insulation board. And  the innermost layer is the gypsum board with coating.  And and the middle layer is two layers of fire-proof rock wool insulation material. It can effectively consume the energy when the sound penetrates the wall.

    Is the cost of light steel villa much more expensive than traditional building?

    Light steel structure villa is green ecological villa, not same as brick, and cement. Traditional buildings are like video tube televisions. While light steel villas are like liquid crystal televisions. Although they can watch images, but There is an essential difference.

    The light steel structure villa is a green cycle building, 90% of the building materials can be recycled. Greatly reduce the construction waste and carbon emissions, compared with the comprehensive social benefits of traditional buildings, the full cost is far lower than the traditional building.

    Now in China, the importance of environment and concept of sustainable development is rasing day by day. Believe Industry is engaged to design and manufacturer roll forming machines for Light Steel Structure.

    light steel structure

    Light Steel Structure design and finished. very good appearance and latest technology.

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