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    CR Slitting Line Types and Applications

    CR Slitting Line Types

    CR Slitting Line is used to slit with Cold Roll Coils into narrow strips. Different design

    • Simple slitting line
    • Hydraulic Semi-automatic Slitting Line
    • Whole Automatically Slitting Line

    Different Thickness

    • Light Gauge Slitting Line
    • Medium Gauge Slitting Line
    • Heavy Gauge Slitting Line

    Different Name

    • Metal Rotary Slitting Line
    • Metal Rolling Slitting Line
    • Longitudinal  Cutting Line
    • Metal Slitting Machine

    M/C of CR Slitting Line

    • Collecting paper machine
    • Hydraulic coil car
    • Duplex uncoiler with hold down roll
    • Feed roll unit
    • Entry Crop Shear
    • Loop pit
    • Slitting machine
    • Scrap collection machine
    • Loop pit
    • Tension pad unit
    •  Recoiling Machine
    • Hydraulic coil car
    • Hydraulic system
    • Controlled system

    Product process of slitting line

    Collecting the waste paper– coil entering — uncoiling– feeding and pinching– leveling– crop shearing– looping– guiding– slitting– scrap collecting– damping– recoiling.

    CR Slitting Line Layout

    CR Slitting Line is used to slit cold roll steels into narrow strips

    Brief introduction of 1-6 mm CR slitting line

    • Thickness of mother coil: 1.5-6.0 mm
    • Width of the mother Coil: 1000-2000 mm
    • I.D of the mother coil: ∅508, ∅610, ∅760
    • O.D of the mother coil: ∅ 1000- ∅1800
    • Weight of the mother coil: 30 Ton
    • CR Slitting accuracy: width, ±0.2 mm, Linear precision, ±0.3 mm
    • Slitting Shaft: ∅ 250 mm
    • Sizes of slitting Blade: ∅ 250*∅ 380*25mm
    • Total Power: 300 KW

    Function of CR Slitting Line

    The main material used in the CR slitting line machine is metal coils or rolls. Such as coil strip or stainless steel, etc. Suitable for cold-rolled steel and hot-rolled carbon steel, silicon steel, tinplate, stainless steel and all kinds of metal coils coated on the surface. Metal slitting line is  mainly used in steel mill factory, electrical industry, automobile, container, household appliances, building materials, stamping parts and other metal plate processing industry. A device consisting of (rewinding), etc.All kinds of sheet metal such as cold rolling, hot rolling, silicon steel, stainless steel plate, aluminum plate and so on can be machined.

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