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Pre-Cut and Post-Cut Advantage and Disadvantage

    CNC Roll Forming Machine is for producing the desired steel products. How to choose the best cutting solution?

    CNC Roll Forming Machine Pre-Cut and Post-Cut Advantages and Disadvantages

    When the designer are considering to how to design the new CNC roll forming machine. How to cut the steel product into desired length is also an involved option.

    There are totally 3 kinds of cutting positions. so the designer should choose between Pre-cut, Middle-cut, Post-cut. The Pre-cut CNC roll forming machine, the coil strips is cut before entering the roll forming mill. And Middle-cut, the coil strips is cut between the roll forming stations. This design is applicable to a complex shape , which is difficult to make as Pre-cut or Post-Cut. The Post-cut CNC Roll Forming Machines, the coil strips is cut after roll formed. View Cold Roll Former Cutting Position for more details.

    As for now only less roll forming machines adopt Middle-cut design. so we will only talk about the advantages and disadvantages of Pre-cut and Post-cut roll forming machine designs:

    post cutting after roll forming
    Post Cutting
    Cutting between roll forming
    Milddle Cutting
    Precutting before roll forming

    Advantages of A Post-cut CNC Roll Forming Machine

    • Less roll forming station and entry guide required while compared with a Pre-cut roll forming line
    • Only the leading edge of the first piece product will be bit deformed while a new coils is fed into the roll forming mill.
    • The ends twisted, flared, cambered and bower are easier to control
    • The length of the steel product is not limited.

    Disadvantages of A Post-cut CNC Roll Forming Machines

    • There will be a slight burr or distortion on the specific profile or no-supported areas of the cross section.
    • If there are many sizes product, more cutting dies are required.
    • A rotary saw post-cut will be used for a very complex profile. but it will make much more noise and burr. If choosing cold cutting saw, which is very expensive.

    Advantages of A Pre-cut CNC Roll Forming Machine

    • No need replace the cutting dies for different width or sizes products.
    • A good choice for complex profiles roll forming mill while post-cut may be cut well.

    Disadvantages of A Pre-cut CNC Roll Forming Machine

    • It is required more additional forming stations to prevent to damage the edges.
    • Auxiliary guides maybe required to control the coil strips move straightly from stations to stations
    • It is hard to minimize the twist, end flare and bow. especially asymmetrical profiles.
    • The material can be jam or double up in production and may damage the roll former.
    • The product length is limited.

    So we don’t recommend to use a Pre-cut roll forming machine if we can use the Post-cut. But with the years’ experience. Believe Industry Company have many solutions to ensure the product is perfect even though a Pre-cut CNC Roll Forming Machine.

    Contact us for more information of CNC Roll Forming Machines.

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