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Cold Roll Former Cutting Position

Cold Roll Former Cutting

Cold Roll Former Cutting Position

As we know that, a continuous cold roll former( cold roll forming machine) is a whole line with the cutoff die. The Coil strips move continuously during the roll forming production.  Only if you use a very simple roll former which is adopt cut-into-piece sheets to produce roll forming product.  Normally, the cold roll former cutting position have 3 design:

  • Precutting before roll forming
  • Cutting between roll forming
  • Postcutting after roll forming

Precutting Before Roll Forming

Some Special Roll Former use the pieces cut to length before roll forming to run the roll forming machine without stopping. Sometimes, to reduce the changeover time of changing the cutting die, the designer prefer to a precutting design. Such as: door panel roll forming machine, purlin roll forming machines etc. The common point is the width of steel product is various. the roll former mill can be adjustable automatically.

Precutting before roll forming

The Layout is: Uncoiling–Feeding and guiding–Punching–Cutting–Roll Forming

Cutting Between Roll Forming

Occasionally, the steel profile is partially roll formed, then cut to length before the final roll forming pass. This design is applicable to a complex shape , which is difficult to make as postcutting. But for now, only few roll formers adopt such design. With the development of precutting technology and cold saw cutting. More and more cutting method is generated instead of it.

Cutting between roll forming

The layout is: Uncoiling–Feeding and guiding– Cutting–Roll forming–Collecting

Postcutting After Roll Forming

This is a very common cutting position. After cutting, the finished roll forming product is either keep moving to next operation( packing) or dropped into a running out table.

Cutting after roll forming

The layout is: Uncoiling–Feeding and guiding–Roll Forming–Cutting–Collecting

In a roll former, every piece of the coil strip is moving until it is cut to length. Therefore, in processes where the tool is engaged in the moving material such as punching, notching, embossing and so on. The dies is moving or stationary will influence the speed of the roll former speed.

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