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Silicon Steel Slitting Line

Silicon Slitting Line Machine

The Silicon Steel slitting line is used to longitudinal cutting the wide CRGO coil into required width of strips and wind into rolled coil. It is necessary for transformer industry.

Silicon Steel Slitting Line Parameters

Input Coil Parameters

MaterialSilicon, CR, HR
Thickness0.2-0.8 mm
Width800-1500 mm
Mechanical CharacterMax 550 Mpa
Coil I.D508 mm
Coil O.DMax 2000 mm
WeightMax 15 Ton

Slitted Coil Parameters

ThicknessMaintain original thickness
Coil I.D508 mm
Coil O.DMax 2000 mm
WeightMax 15 Ton
Slitting StripsMax 20
Width AccuracyWidth >300 mm, +/- 1mm
StraightnessIf the 2 side strips are within 100mm of the mother material, considering as the common production process
BurrThickness ≤1.0mm,burr≤0.03mm   
Thickness >1.0mm,burr ≤3% of material
Min Strips width15 mm
Scrape Width Range2-15mm
Max Scrape weight150 KG/coil
Misalignment accuracy+/-0.5 mm
Tower Shape Tolerance+/-3.5 mm
SurfaceNo processing defects

Silicon Slitting Line Machine Parameters

Guiding Speed0-10 m/min
Line Speed0-200 m/min
Slitting wayDrive shear
Recoiling WayRoll-up style
Operation Height1000 mm
Running Directionleft to right

Silicon Slitting Line Components and Functions

Storage Platform

To hold the coils to be processed,saving time and increases silicon steel slitting line production efficiency.

Coil Car for uncoiler

Move and load the coil to the decoiler from the stroage platform.

Hydraulic Uncoiler

Supporting the coil and realizes the unwinding function. When the coil is into de-coiler, it is actively uncoiled. When it is in normal operation, it is driven unwinding.

Shovel Heading Guiding Device

It is used for the beginning of the coil, the wear belt, the contact plate head, straightening the bending part of the plate head, so that the plate head can smoothly enter the pinch roller.

Pinch Roller

Take the panel to the straight machine, down roller fixed. Up rollers lifting through the air cylinder. Up and down roller are all  initiative control.

Coil Shear Head Device

It is used to cut off the bad head of the coil, and the shearing mode is to cut through the hydraulic cylinder driven knife holder. synchronized cylinder synchronization.

Silicon Slitting Machine

The steel strip is longitudinally cut into strips of the required width, and the strips of various widths are easily cut out by adjusting the modular spacers. It is a key component of the production line and directly affects the precision of the finished plate.

Scrape Winder

Waste removal volume is article points the waste edge coiling device.

Hydraulic Separator

There are two groups to ensure that the strips run on their own track and do not run or twist.


The tension station is a device for tensioning the steel strip before it enters the coiler after slitting. It is used to generate the tension required for coiling.

Hydrailic Recoiler

Recoling the slitted sheets into coils. Which is the main part of silicon slitting line

Unloading Car

The car is a device that drags the horizontal movement of the cylinder, and the hydraulic cylinder lifts the strip from the coiler. With V-shaped storage tablemily.

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