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Greenhouse Profile Roll Forming Machine

Greenhouse Profile Roll Forming Machine is for producing greenhouse profiles. Such as steel angle, channel, conduit, or a hat-shaped fastener.

Believe Industry Company help you roll your profiles with precision. Making a greenhouse frame that is sturdy is essential. Keeping your or your customers’ greenhouse sturdy stands through all weather, protecting the precious plants inside.

Greenhouse Profile Roll Forming Machine

Greenhouse Profiles


The structure is the frame of the greenhouse, consisting of columns, beams, straps, etc. that support the roof, wind, rain, snow, devices that are installed and overload trellising plants, etc

greenhouse steel profiles 1

Greenhouse Profile Machine Components

  1. Single Arm Uncoiler
  2. Leveler
  3. Servo Feeder and Punch Machine
  4. Feeder and Guider
  5. Roll Forming Machine
  6. Cutoff Device
  7. Controlled Panel
  8. Hydraulic Station
  9. Collection Table
  10. Spare Parts

Profile Roll Forming Machine Layout

layout of scaffold plank roll forming machine
Uncoiling– Leveling– Servo Feeding and Punching– Guiding– Roll Forming–Cutting

Brief Technical Specifications

  • Uncoiler Type: Electric single arm uncoiler
  • Uncoiler Capacity: 3 Ton
  • Leveler Motor Power: 3 KW
  • Servo Feeder Motor Power: 2.2 KW
  • Punch Press Capacity: 60 Ton
  • Punch Mould Material: SKD 11, HRD 58-62
  • Roll Forming Motor Power: 7.5 KW-15 KW
  • Roller Material: GCR 15, quenched and tempered
  • Forming Stands: 16-30
  • Driven method: Chain&Gear or Gear Box
  • Line speed: 15-20m/min
  • Controlled Panel: PLC and HMI

Not only above profiles, Believe Industry Company also accept customized profiles for greenhouse. We have engaged in designing and manufacturing Roll Forming Machines for over than 10 years. We also have machines for below applications:

  1. Building Materials
  2. Storaging and Racking Systems
  3. Downspout and Gutter System
  4. Solor Industry
  5. Door Frames

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