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Steel Stud Roll Forming Machine is for produce steel studs for wall and roof as desired profiles. The machine can produce various sizes of steel studs.

Steel Stud Roll Forming Machine

Believe Industry Company is engaged in design and manufacture a full range of roll forming machines for steel studs and tracks. We have different design of roll formers for the machine for different requirements.

What’s Steel Studs and Manufacturing equipment?

A steel stud is a vertical frame member in building’s wall of small cross section than a post. They are a fundamental element in frame building.

In the past, studs are made of wood. But the wood need dry when used or problems may occur as the studs shrink and twist as they dry out. So steel studs are gaining popularity, especially for firewalls.

Now the factories purchase Steel Stud Roll Forming Machine for producing the steel studs, for the different production capacity, Believe Industry have below design of the steel studs roll former:

  1. Single Profile Roll Forming Machine
  2. Muti-Profile Roll Forming Machine
  3. Duplex Roll Forming Machine
  4. Manual adjust roll forming machine for muti-profile

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Main Machine Components and Technical Specifications

The Layout of Steel Stud Roll Forming Machine

stud and track roll forming machine

3 Ton Electric Uncoiler

FunctionSupport the coil strips and electric uncoiling the coil into the roll forming mill
Capacity3 Ton
Inner Diameter of the coil480-600
Out Diameter of the coil1500mm Max
Uncoiling Motor Power1.5KW

Steel Stud Roll Forming Mill

FunctionRoll forming the steel  strips into profile with the desired length
StructureAdopt Box Beam as the main base, guide pole type as the stands
Roll Station16 steps
Shaft MaterialASTM 1045, 80mm diameter
Spacer MaterialASTM, surface chromed, wall thickness is 8mm
Roller MaterialGCR15, fine machining, surface chromed 0.05mm thickness
Driven Motor Power7.5KW
Roll Forming Speed15m/min
Driven MethodChain and gear

Hydraulic Cutting Device

FunctionCut the steel studs into desired lengths, which is set by the controlled box
Cutting Mould MaterialCR12, HRC 60-62 °
Hydraulic Motor Power4KW
Hydraulic Working Presure12-16 MPA
Length MeasuringOmron encoder

Controlled Box

FunctionThe worker set the required data on the touch screen and it will display the status, and the machine will be automatic run.
Voltage Supply380V, 50HZ, 3 phase ( customized)
Touch ScreenMCGS or Siemens
PLCPanasonic or Siemens
EncoderOmron encoder
Frequency InverterYaskawa

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Steel Studs Roll Forming Machine
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