B Deck Roll Forming Machine is for producing B Deck. Which is the most common structural metal decking in the industry.

What’s B Deck?

B Deck is an ideal structural substrate on short to medium span conditions that range from three feet to ten feet in distance. B Deck is lightweight, strong, economical, and easy to install. The panel in the image below is 1.5” deep and 36” wide. It also has 6 (6” wide) ribs with a male and female leg to create an interlocking sidelap.

Type B-Deck is manufactured into Type B Roof Deck and Type B Floor Deck.

Both types have identical dimensions and are manufactured with different sidelap connections. The only difference between them is the Formlok embossment pattern on the floor deck, which the concrete adheres to.

B Deck Profile Drawing

B Deck Roll Forming Machine Components

  • 10 Ton Hydrulic Uncoiler with Coil Car
  • Main Roll Forming Machine Part( Including feeder and guider, roll former, cutter)
  • Controlled Box
  • Hydraulic Station
  • Collection Table

Technical Paramaters of B Deck Machine

  1. Material: PPGI, GI, PPGL, GL.
  2. Thickness: 0.3-0.8 for B Roof Deck, 0.8-1.5 mm for B Floor Deck
  3. Forming Stages: 24-28 stages
  4. Shaft: 40 CR, 90 mm diameter
  5. Rollers: GCR 15, Heat treatment and surface chromed
  6. Motor Power: 22 KW x 2

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