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Roll Forming Mill Influence Roll Design

    Rolls design must match the roll forming mill. The roll designer must have all the relevant equipment dimensions and other data which can influence roll design. Otherwise the machine will be very costly. 

    Types of Mills Influence Roll Design

    Cantilever Mill 

    This type of mill limits the formable strip width to about the length of the short shafts. If only one edge of wide strip is to be formed, then the opposite edge should be properly guided. In this case, it is more practical for all the material used for forming to be taken from the drive side and locate the sheet guide at the operator side of the rolls.

    Cantilever Mill

    Duplex Mill

    Two cantilever mills facing each other, forming both edges of the strip simultaneously are called a duplex mill. Adjusting one or both mills in-and-out enables the roll forming various widths within the limits of the mill.

    The roll designer should take the following into consideration:
    1. Maximum roll length is limited.
    2. The forming pressure of the ends of the rolls may bend the shafts.
    3. While produce wider profile, the mill should be equipped with supports between roll forming stands.
    4. The minimum length of the shortest profile should not be less than twice the roll stands distance plus 50mm.
    5. This mill need more guiders to avoid skewing.

    Duplex Through Shaft Mill

    Compared with duplex mill, this design mill will have a 50% higher capacity with same shaft diameter and roll length.
    Most items that have to be considered when designing rolls for duplex mills also have to be taken into consideration for the duplex through shaft mills. The difference is that due to the added sleeves, the roll diameters of the through shaft mill will be larger and the horizontal centers are usually greater. Adjustable center-support rolls for the product can be installed on the shafts
    Through Shaft Duplex Mill

    Standard Mill

    The majority of roll forming mills have the shafts supported by bearings at both ends. Most of the previously mentioned factors and several others have to be considered for standard mills

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