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    Similar to Double-High Mills, Side-by-Side Mills are widely used in Roll Forming Line Manufacturers. Mount more than one set of tooling on the mill shaft can further reduce the tool changeover time. The simplest arrangement for the narrow sections is to install two sets of rollers on the  common shafts. Commonly use one uncoiler, one pre-punch device (if required), and one cutting device are in line with one set of rollers . When to change the profile.  Only need change the coil strips, and then input into another side.  The complete changeover takes less than 2 min. two, three, or more pairs of rollers  mounted in one mill shaft. 

    roll forming line

    Side by side roll forming line can produce 2 more profiles in one lines. only 2 minute can compete changeover.

    The Advantage and Disadvantage of Side-by-Side Mill of roll forming line

    The advantage of this “side-by-side” arrangement is less changeover time. The disadvantage is that setting
    and adjusting one section will change the setting of the other section at the same time. However, this shortcoming can be easily overcome by using one or two more extra stands.  At the more frequently adjusted “side”, only rollers of one set are installed. At “Side”  of the other section, only rollers for the other section are installed. This arrangement ensures that adjusting one section will not influence the other sections.

    roll forming line mills

    Updated side by side mill, adopt one more stands. and use clutch to change the driven method

    Special side-by-side rolls are used in the lines that roll form two different products at the same time from one common strip or 2 strips loaded in one uncoiler. . The common strip is slit into two at one point in the line.  This system is used to increase production capacity, or one left and one right section with each cutting device. If three, four, five, or more sections have to be roll formed, or if the sections are too wide to be placed economically side-by-side in one stand, then  we can choose assemble quick  Side-by-side rollers on a mill bed.

    In the side-by-side stand mill, the common drive is usually at the center of the mill bed.  Disconnect is usually automatic or  manual, Using side-by-side stands, one set of tooling can form products, while the other (disconnected) stands can stay idle or the rolls can be changed. The changeover of the two sides is quick,taking only a few minutes.

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